8 Domestic prescriptions for “BLOOD PRESSURE” control.

8 Domestic prescriptions for “BLOOD PRESSURE” control.


Blood in the body guarantees good health and life of the human being. Everything is good if health is good. The blood circulating in the human body regularly runs in the veins under a system, if it is deficient or excessive. If you have diseases like hypertension and low blood pressure.

Hypertension can be dangerous to the extent that if it is not treated immediately, the patient will also lose his life. This is why clinicians advise a normal person to have a blood pressure check periodically so that it It may be known that someone is not suffering from blood pressure.

There are some natural remedies that are useful in the treatment of hypertension. It is not possible to go to the doctor immedi_ ately in case of hypertension, so if you are familiar with these natural products then it will be beneficial in the same situation as hypertension. ۔


inflammation is very useful for normalizing hypertension.
Eat a salty mouth daily with one bite and one piece of garlic together.
Insha’Allah will never complain of HYPERTENSION.


If garlic is not considered to be an enemy of hypertension, it would be wrong. Nature has preserved ingredients in garlic that not only control hypertension but medical experts also disagree. Garlic in high blood pressure Chewing gum can reduce blood pressure.

A diet that is full of calcium in itself. One of the causes of blood pressure is the lack of calcium in the body. Can be greatly avoided.


onions also show a magical effect in hypertension. Onions are rich in antioxidants. Use of onions in salads and salads is very beneficial for high blood pressure patient.

Well, cinnamon is used with warm spice, but the wonder that Nature has in it is amazing. For a blood pressure patient, cinnamon has such an effect that no one can think. In addition to high blood pressure, it is also beneficial if used in regular foods and also maintains cholesterol levels.

protein and vitamin D play an important role in the reduction of blood pressure, everything in which they are found is useful for maintaining blood pressure especially fish is the best natural source of vitamin D and protein intake. – The use of fish in nutrition protects against hypertension.

7.Porridge of barley.
Nature has put such power into the heart that if a person other than a human being consumes it after illness, the lost energy is restored. Also gives health and fitness.

Caution and Avoid Hypertension –
If you spend most of your time sitting and working, be sure to get up early and take a walk,
۔ Make exercise normal so that blood remains active throughout the body and does not suffer from hypertension or any other illnes Abandon the use of intoxicating substances and drugs.
Reduce salt intake in foods.
٭ If it comes to weight gain, try to control it immediately.
Avoid the use of vegetables in food.
Drink fresh fruits and their fresh juices so that besides blood pressure, health is also healthy and energized.
Drink as much water as possible, if possible, choose fruits and vegetables that meet the water deficiency in the body. Avoid smoking as much as possible It invites in addition to hypertension and many diseases.

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