Instant noodles are harmful to health *.…………………………………..Because they are ready immediately. People today prefer to eat fast food instead of homemade food. There is nothing wrong with cooking outdoors but it should not be counted in your daily meals. Excess sodium intake in fast food, added ingredients to enhance the taste, bad cholesterol and lackContinue reading “INSTANT NOODLES are HARMFUL to HEALTH.”

8 Domestic prescriptions for “BLOOD PRESSURE” control.

8 Domestic prescriptions for “BLOOD PRESSURE” control. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Blood in the body guarantees good health and life of the human being. Everything is good if health is good. The blood circulating in the human body regularly runs in the veins under a system, if it is deficient or excessive. If you have diseases like hypertensionContinue reading “8 Domestic prescriptions for “BLOOD PRESSURE” control.”