Causes and treatment of “CONSTIPATION”.

Causes and Treatment Of Constipation:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Constipation is a disease which is called the mother of diseases. Today, every fourth person suffers from this disease. If the bowel movement does not come as usual, a little or on the second or third day, it is called constipation. Lack of regular bowel movements leads to heaviness in theContinue reading “Causes and treatment of “CONSTIPATION”.”

Numerous benefits of “Garlic mixed with honey”.

Amazing benefits of eating garlic mixed with honey. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;;:::;: The Numerous Benefits of Garlic Now everyone knows that the power in garlic has given it the ability to relieve blood pressure and absorb a lot of oxygen. And the heaviness (obesity) makes them lighter by moving them and turning them into blood. Its use relievesContinue reading “Numerous benefits of “Garlic mixed with honey”.”