Amazing benefits of “GREEN CHILLIES”.

Green pepper is tedious in eating but not worth the benefits.

For centuries man has been the savor of flavored items – like red pepper and black pepper, but also green pepper, which is also a vegetable and is used in every food we have –

its use. It brings a new flavor to the food and we get its benefits as well. It is good to see the green peppers but it is very tasty to eat but the benefits of eating it are numerous.

Green pepper protects us from its effects in cold weather, so be sure to use it in soups, etc. – Green pepper contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, protein, copper, carbohydrates, copper and potassium and All these vitamins and ingredients are vital for health.

We have launched a new series to keep you healthy so you are aware of the benefits of what you eat. One thing to remember is that using peppers moderately is one to two peppers a day is sufficient because if you use them excessively, they can cause gastrointestinal damage.
It is important for women to cut peppers and keep them on a marble or wooden stand so that their hands are protected from it or it may irritate their hands now they see the BENEFITS.
1.Peppermint contains a lot of vitamin A, so it is very useful for our eyes, it can also speed up the eyesight and relieve eye fatigue and pain.
2.Presence of Vitamin C Helps Peppers Benefit for Our Skin Continuous use of green peppers makes your skin glowing –
3.Green peppers keep digestio chilly strengthening of our strength and its performance is better
4.Lung cancer in people who use it daily pepper
chilly strengthens our bones.
5.On the use of pepper old age comes late
pepper helps in removal of waste material from the body.
6.Pepper to those who do not like to cause fatal disease that
can also be used in addition to meals, salads and chili rayyth is
pepper Using our intestines to do the right thing
daily use of
7.Green pepper causes weight loss. Green pepper mode It helps enhance 8.Chilly weed gastrointestinal diseases
is less saliva in the mouth after eating chili.

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