Wonderful health benefits of “BLACK SALT”.

Amazing benefits of black salt.

We use white salt for flavoring in our food There are several types depending on the variety but we are mostly familiar with white and black salt – today we will try to know about black salt
The temperament is hot and dry. Black salt also contains chloride of sodium, sulfate of soda, caustic soda and a little bit of sulfate of sodium – in addition to iron, magnesium and zinc. Black salt also contains plenty of potassium. Black salt comes out in the form of stone, but is still added to make it –
Black salt is used mostly by our gentlemen. Are made in which black salt is used. The wise people prepare it with a combination of thieves, birds and other medicines.
Black salt is not a mineral salt, but is produced artificially. It is better than other salt in taste. It is sprayed on drinks or foods, which alter the taste of the beverage and the food.
Black salt should not be used for more than three cups. It is not black in color but is pink in color. The use of any type of salt is harmful, but if black salt is compared with white salt, the benefits of black salt are greater
Kala salt helps digestion –
useful for indigestion, diarrhea and abdominal pain
hemorrhoids Kala salt is helpful in
reducing acidity ٭
Kala salt improves the nervous system
acne salt useful for muscle aches
Black bloating does not use salt
away salt constipation *kala
*kala salt is useful for depression patients.
Place a spoonful of black salt to put his foot in warm water if swollen feet swollen shall be
*kala salt increases the appetite
improves vision *kala salt
*kala makes salt improves blood circulation
*kala removes the hiccups salt
is salt mucus out
*kala and celery salt Eating together
resolves stomach and gastrointestinal problems. It relieves acne problems.
Salt is also useful in
joint pain . Use of black salt protects you from
consuming black salt mixed with salt water reduces obesity Salt water also cleanses the interior, eliminating harmful bacteria.

*kala heart salt and black salt for use Do not use the patient’s kidney doctor-patient blood pressure were also directed kryn.kala salt laxative.

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