10 Bad Habits that can damage your “KIDNEYS”.

10 habits that can damage your kidneys10 habits that can damage your kidneys –Are major causes that we have in our routine and without knowing we perform these habits. The kidneys in our body have many important functions which include detoxifying all of the wastes and toxins out of your body. It also helps toContinue reading “10 Bad Habits that can damage your “KIDNEYS”.”

When should I be “SILENT”.

When should I be silent * ??? 1 – Be quiet when you are angry.2- Be quiet when he you have no arguments.3.Silence, when you haven’t researched anything. Be quiet when your words suppress a weak one.5.Be quiet when it’s time to listen and learn.6.Be quiet when your soul wants to make fun of somethingContinue reading “When should I be “SILENT”.”

Special edition for “CHILDLESS Gentlemen”.

Special Edition for the “Childless Gentlemen”.بے اولاد حضرات کے لئے مجرب نسخہ۔For men and women who have been deprived of the blessings of ,CHILd,” for a long time after marriage, both men and women should use the following prescriptions for three months. Ingredients:ِ Gourd cake – a spoonShaqqaq Al-Masri – a spoonSister red … aContinue reading “Special edition for “CHILDLESS Gentlemen”.”