What is “LIFE”.

What is LIFE?To understand life better,you have to go to 3locations: 1. Hospital2. Prison3. Cemetery At the Hospital, you willunderstand that nothingis more beautiful thanHEALTH. In the Prison, you’ll seethat FREEDOM is themost precious thing At the Cemetery, you willrealize that life is worthnothing. The ground thatwe are walking on today will be ourroof tomorrow.SadContinue reading “What is “LIFE”.”

10 Foods that keep the “LUNGS” healthy from diseases.

10 foods that keep the lungs healthy from diseases If we want our body to function properly, it is important for the lungs to be healthy because they serve the most important functions in our body, the most important of which is to send oxygen from the air into the blood. And carbon dioxide isContinue reading “10 Foods that keep the “LUNGS” healthy from diseases.”

WORST FOOD for “LIVER” health.

Worst foods for liver health.…………………………….Worst foods for liver health – Unlike other organs in the body, liver is a powerhouse which is responsible for increasing the efficiency of the body. It performs a variety of important tasks which includes producing proteins, cholesterol and bile to store minerals, vitamins and even carbohydrates. It also breaks downContinue reading “WORST FOOD for “LIVER” health.”

Amazing 😍 health benefits of “LOTUS SEED”.

Benefits of Lotus Seeds (Makhana)Lotus plant grows in Southeast Asia and scientifically known as Nelumbo Nucifera. You can consume lotus seeds roasted, fried and raw. Lotus Seeds health benefits includes managing diabetes, treating insomnia, supporting stomach health, slowing down aging process, supporting oral health, and providing instant energy. for DiabetesNutritionists favored lotus seeds due toContinue reading “Amazing 😍 health benefits of “LOTUS SEED”.”

Amazing health benefits of “GREEN PAPAYA”

Green papaya benefits:Raw papaya is a priceless gift from God and almost everyone loves it. It is very tasty in eating as well as it has so many benefits too. Today we will tell you how green papaya is beneficial for cholesterol, high blood pressure and early menopause in women. Preparation for remedy:• First cutContinue reading “Amazing health benefits of “GREEN PAPAYA””

6 Amazing health benefits of “BLACK CARDAMOM”.

6 amazing health benefits of black cardamom:The aromatic seed, Cardamom is extremely popular across the globe. Black cardamom is also known as winged cardamom, hill cardamom, Bengal cardamom and greater cardamom. Black cardamom is a perennial herb that contains numerous health benefits. For example, chewing a few seeds of cardamom can help increase your appetite.Continue reading “6 Amazing health benefits of “BLACK CARDAMOM”.”

Health benefits of “LEMON PEEL”.

Amazing health benefits of a lemon peel. Lemon is one of the most common uses in homes and has many medical benefits. Being rich in vitamin C, it has many benefits, but did you know that its skin is also useful in protecting against many diseases?In fact, these lashes contain five to ten times moreContinue reading “Health benefits of “LEMON PEEL”.”

4 Things that destroy your COMPUTER slowly.

Computers make our life easier but can we say we also do same? It turns out some small insignificant things we do like keeping the battery in or forgetting to unplug your headphone can slowly kill your electronic companion. Don’t worry, I will fill you in on some common mistakes we do in an attemptContinue reading “4 Things that destroy your COMPUTER slowly.”