11 diet rules that helps to lose weight.

11 diet rules that help to lose weight

Weight is directly related to our diet. What do we eat and drink and how do we eat? It is very important in losing or gaining weight. What we eat is visible on our body both externally and internally. That is why diet and the way it is used are very important.
If you make these principles a part of your life, you can be sure to lose weight.

1.Eat little by little.
It is better to eat small meals at different times of the day than to eat a lot of food at the same time. Eating too much food at the same time makes it difficult to digest food. After a while, eating something will not control your appetite and you will eat more.

  1. Caution in eating a second time.
    Whenever you eat something, do not take the second food until the first food is digested. If the food is not digested and then the second food is also eaten, then this process causes more disorders.
  2. Count calories.
    Every person needs calories to maintain physical energy according to age, height, physical exertion and weight. You need to know how many calories you are eating and how many calories you need daily and how many calories you are consuming. Calories should not be used indiscriminately, but should be taken in a way that maintains a balanced diet.

4.Use of salad.
Be sure to use salad with every meal. If you eat a bowl of salad before eating, you will not want to eat too much, which will not increase your weight.

  1. Prefer vegetables and fruits.
    Vegetables and fruits should always be preferred in the diet as they provide you with health as well as a lot of energy and very few and healthy calories. Due to the storage of fiber, they keep the digestive system healthy and the body strong. They do not gain weight as well as digest other foods.

6.Eat less and faster at night.
Always eat dinner early, ie at least three to four hours before going to bed and at least one hour after eating. Take a light walk.

7.Eat slowly and chew.
Whatever you eat, do not eat it in a hurry, but eat it well. If you eat food slowly and chewily, you will feel that you have eaten less food in more time. While in haste, a person eats more food. Instead, it accumulates in your body, which causes obesity.

  1. Water .
    After eating
    drinking water after meals is almost common. But drinking water after meals is tantamount to drinking poison. Drink water one or half an hour before or during meals if needed, but do not use water after meals at all. After drinking water, along with other diseases and stomach ailments, food is digested slowly.
  2. Drink fresh juice.
    Always drink fresh juice. Canned and bottled drinks are not only harmful to health but also cause weight gain. Due to the abundance of caffeine, other chemicals and preservatives, they will never give you health. If you lose weight. If you want to, always drink fresh fruit juices at home.

10.Drink tea but carefully.
Life is incomplete without hot and cold tea. And the tea itself does not harm you or make you fat. There are some rules for drinking tea which we do not usually apply. Drink any tea always cold or mild hot and try not to drink ordinary yes without milk but without sugar. Must drink. Do not drink more than two cups of tea in any cup and immediately after eating.

  1. Be happy while eating.
    Whatever you eat or drink, just eat happily. Eat in a state of anger, otherwise you will not get positive energy. In anger and depression, you will either eat more or you will not eat healthily. In both cases, the risk of weight gain increase.*

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