Causes, Symptoms and Salvation of Heatstroke.

  • Causes, Symptoms and Salvation of Heatstroke *
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In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Heatstroke in hot weather causes a lot of trouble and discomfort, especially for women. They seem to be more worried about this problem because they have to fulfill their kitchen responsibilities. These small rashes are just a manifestation of the weather conditions. But they do not cause any discomfort other than irritation and itching, but when they are repeatedly scratched or the nails get stuck during the scratching, they peel off. And due to peeling, cracks appear in the skin, the way for germs to enter. When you sweat, the air does not come out of the clothes and dry them, and thus the sweat has a chance to damage the skin for a long time.
There is also a risk of mold attacking the covered parts of the body by taking unfair advantage of this unpleasant condition. But sweating is also a natural reward. Excretion and thus some reduction in the burden on the kidneys.

  • Reasons *
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Excessive heat and excess moisture in the air cause excessive sweating and if this sweat does not dry out quickly, it damages the skin due to its acidity and obstructs the ducts of the glands that produce sweat in the skin. As a result of the closure of the mouth of these ducts, rashes appear. Every grain that comes out in the heat is a manifestation of obstruction of the mouth of a duct which produces sweat.

  • Symptoms *
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Countless small rashes, which cause redness, itching and irritation of the skin and are further aggravated by the friction of clothes. ۔ When the weather is pleasant or rainy, the number of grains and symptoms decrease.

  • Tips to get rid of heatstroke *.

  1. To dry the sweat, wear cotton, light colored and loose fitting clothes. 2. Make arrangements so that the sweat comes to a minimum and try to dry the sweat as soon as possible.
  2. Blood cleansing drugs are useful.
  3. Apply hot grain powder. This powder gives a feeling of coolness and dries the skin quickly.
  4. Vitamin C tablets are perfect for temporary relief.
  5. Mix a little water in fruit vinegar and apply it on the heaters for immediate relief. Apply once or twice a day.
  6. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) declared Sangtra to be the best for the heart. Applying honey on the slices of Sangtra is best for relieving heartburn.
  7. Sweet pomegranate juice and watermelon are useful to get rid of heatstroke.
  8. For a large number of heaters, take twenty grams of Persian and twenty-five grams of Sana Mickey and five hundred grams of water.
    I boil it for ten minutes and mix it with the same amount of vinegar in it. It will become a lotion for heat grains. Apply this lotion in the place of grains. It will be very useful.
  9. Women should apply henna on their hands and feet, it will relieve the feeling of coolness and irritation.
  10. To make home baking powder, one cup of crushed white resin, half a cup of crushed mountain mint, two tablets of camphor, grind them finely, sift them and mix them in a cup of talcum powder and fill it in a bottle. If more heat grains come out, increase the amount of white resin a little.
  11. Boil and blend grapefruit, lotus flowers, dried coriander and melon seeds and drink it. Heat grains will not come out.
  12. Make two bunches of cassava leaves, a piece of alum and a bundle of sat camphor, put it in the bath water and leave it for a while, then take a bath. You will be protected from heat for five to six hours. After bathing with this water, you will cool down. Will realize۔

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