6 Harmful foods that badly damage your brain.

6 types of foods we eat every day that adversely affect brain function.
The brain is the most important organ of the human body without which life is impossible, the brain keeps all the organs of the body in motion and therefore it is necessary to keep the brain fit with healthy foods, our daily diet. There are some foods that have a very bad effect on the health of the brain. They affect our memory, can cause us to lose our mood and can lead to diseases like depression.

In this article we will mention the foods that affect the brain functions so that you remove such foods from your daily diet to keep the brain sharp.

No. 1 :
Dessert and
Excessive consumption of sweet foods and sweet drinks (soda, energy drinks, fruit juices), etc., where it causes diseases like obesity, also affects our brain abilities to a dangerous extent.

Excessive consumption of sweets in the diet invites type 2 diabetes in our body and this diabetes causes Alzheimer’s, a dangerous brain disease.

Sweet foods, where they cause obesity, cause high blood pressure, increase blood fats, and affect the circulatory system, as well as the dangerous brain disease Dementia.

No. 2 :
Market food۔
Junk and fast food
Burger, Fast Food, Hamburger, Delicious, Bread, Meat
In market foods and fast foods etc. where sugar is used, these foods also use a lot of refined flour and such foods increase our body’s glycemic index GI ie these foods are digested instantly and Blood sugar and insulin levels increase and when such foods are eaten in large quantities they increase the glycemic load GL (glycemic load means how much blood sugar levels increase in a single meal) she does).

According to medical science research, foods high in glycemic load affect the memory of children, including adults, and affect their ability to read, write and learn.

No. 3 :
Trans fat:
File: Onion pakodas and other goodies … Higgs Boson
Trans fats adversely affect brain function and are commonly found in large quantities in our cooking oils and vegetable oils, and according to many scientific studies, these artificial fats can cause brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Weakens memory and invites many other chronic diseases in the body including heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.

No. 4:
Processed Foods۔
Chips, Potato Chips, Unhealthy, Thick, Eat, Snack
Market foods that are pre-processed and brought home and fried in oil or ghee are eaten, such as baby nuggets, samosas, chicken wings, etc., and potato chips, slanties, biscuits, etc., have a very negative effect on our health. These foods contain sugar and are high in calories and malnutrition and can severely affect our brain capacity.

No. 5 :
Artificial sugar۔
Sugar-free sweeteners available in the market and these sweeteners used in sugar-free drinks, which are commonly used by diabetics with the understanding that it will not cause diabetes, is extremely harmful to our health. It weakens the brain. It irritates us and damages our personality.

No. 6 :
Salty foods۔
Nature, Food, Salt, Sea Salt, Moist, Crystals, Crumb
Salt contains a large amount of sodium, and foods high in sodium can cause high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as many other diseases.

Note : Eating a healthy diet is very important for a healthy life and if you do not follow this, it will seriously damage your health, so pay special attention to your diet and all the above mentioned. Eliminate foods from your daily diet and remember that health is a great blessing without which one does not like to live.

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