Have you ever experienced such an anomaly or similar condition?If so,this is definitely “Evil”.

My intention is not to scare anyone with this picture, but I would like to introduce you all to a special one whose name is “Al-Khabus” who attacks us humans at night.
The effects of this domination on the human body are that in sleep a person feels as if something heavy has been placed on his chest, sudden sleep deprivation and shortness of breath or a state of You are conscious but your body is not moving and you cannot speak. When this evil is gone from you, you suddenly wake up feeling something different, scared or in pain.
How to avoid this evil
1: Try to perform ablutions and sleep
2: Sleep after reciting the verse of Ayat ul Al-Kursi. And also the prayer of God.
3: Read the three verses (Surah Al-Khalas, Surah Al-Falak, Surah Al-Nas).
4: If possible, recite Surah Al-Mulk.
5: Lie on your right side.

May Allah be our supporter and helper and keep us safe. (Amen)
Note: Have you ever experienced such an anomaly or similar condition? If so, I will definitely tell!

Published by Asim Hanif

Professor Asim Hanif Health tips. HEALTH Is WEALTH.

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