Musk (Kustoori) perfume.

Story of MUSK (Kustoori).

Musk is the most expensive perfume in the world and the breeding ground for musk is the navel of the deer. He wanders in the desert in search of musk, but is unaware that the scent is coming from his own navel.
You must laugh at the ignorance of the deer, it is your right, but God did not do such a thing only with the deer, but the horse is the power that is also the standard for measuring the power, this motor has so many horsepower. You may have kept it, but it is narrated that on the Day of Resurrection, the horse will know how much power it had.
You’re right to laugh at a horse, but it’s not just about the horse, it’s about you because the Hadeeth of Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)،who found himself,he found his Lord,but only to himself.Neither I not have access to……

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