Nails:Easy ways to make nails beautiful.

6 Easy Ways to Make Nails beautiful.

Look carefully at your nails. Don’t they look strong and healthy? Or do you see white spots and pits in them? Do they break down quickly? If so, that means you are not taking care of your nails properly. Proper nail care requires proper care and cleaning.

Nails need nutrition just like any other part of the body. They also represent your collective physical health. If your nails are not healthy, it means your body is not getting the nutrition it needs. Nails are actually made of a membrane of a protein called KERATIN that comes from the roots of the nails.
Healthy nails are soft and strong but strong. They are light pink in color and do not have any spots or marks.


The following are signs of weak or unhealthy nails:

(1). Color change, discoloration of the whole nail or part of the nails.

(2) The shape of the nails changes, such as the growth of crooked nails.

(3) Excessive soft or hard nails.

(4) Separation of nails from the surrounding skin.

(5) Bleeding from around the nails.

(6) Swelling or discomfort in the nails.


With these simple recipes you can make your nails look brighter and stronger:

(1). Use of creamy hand wash Dry nails cause many defects.They need to be moisturized for healthy nails. Use a good natural antibacterial wash that contains Tea Tree or Yuka Lipstick instead of a chemical handwash.

(2). Avoiding hot and cold water Extremely hot or cold temperatures can be harmful to nails. Always wash your hands with lukewarm water. Hot water damages the nails. The veins in the nails swell with hot or cold water and the nails turn red.

(3). Moderate use of nail polish. Always use good quality nail polish that does not contain harmful chemicals. Do not leave nail polish on for too long. Also use a light thinner to remove nail polish.Nail polish remover should be acetone free. Polish Wash your hands thoroughly, apply a good moisturizer and baby oil after wiping with a towel.

(4). Injury and Wound Care Try not to injure your nails. If someone is injured, see a doctor immediately. Do not use any chemicals on the nails until the injury has healed. Even a small cut on the nails can lead to fungus or infection later on.

(5). Cleaning Nails To keep the nails of hands and feet clean, take lukewarm water in a tub, add a teaspoon of salt and soak your hands and feet in it for about ten minutes.Then wipe with a soft sponge. Dip cotton wool in lemon juice and apply on nails. After drying your hands and feet, apply a good cold cream on your hands, feet and nails. You can also use almond or coconut oil. Trim the nails with a nail cutter. This way your nails will become soft and shiny.

(6). Bad Habit of Cutting Nails Cutting nails with teeth is a very bad habit. This makes the nails look ugly. And if the nails are injured in this way, blood starts to clot, which can lead to infection. Always use a clean nail clipper or scissors to trim your nails. In addition to taking care of the face, hair and hands and feet, it is also important to clean the nails. Most women focus on their nails only on special occasions.

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