Causes of children urinating in bed.

Causes of children urinating in bed and instructions for stopping them.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

In young children, bed wetting is common. It affects one in 10 children up to the age of five and decreases to two in 100 young children up to the age of 15. Involuntary urination at night is a common cause of growth in children The process. Eac child has a different measure of control over their bladder. There are very few children up to the age of 3 whose bed stays dry. Most children start keeping the bed dry between the ages of 3 and 8. Until your child reaches this destination, you need to be very patient and encourage your child. Here are some common causes of bed wetting.

(1). Most of your child’s urine comes out at this time. When he is fast asleep and does not want to get up.

(2). This thing is mostly hereditary. If you wet the bed as a child, it is very likely that your child will too.

(3). In very rare cases, it is due to diabetes or urination. There may be a defect in the esophagus, but it does not only wet the bed at night, its symptoms last for days. If there are no symptoms during the day, it means that your child is perfectly healthy.

(4). Being emotional or anxious, shifting to a new home or dealing with siblings, hurting the child’s self-esteem, if the child is treated with the understanding that it is a problem. The only problem is washing the laundry. This can cause a reaction in the baby.Instead of punishing and disrespecting your child when he gets bored by washing his bed sheets, reassure him that this is not his fault at all and that over time everything will be fine. Your child needs that Understand him and encourage him. Praising his dry nights will not work anymore, because it is difficult to convince the child that there is no shame in wetting the bed at night. The baby can be lovingly reminded to urinate before going to bed. But waking up at night to urinate can be more painful. Most children stop urinating in bed without treatment. Other members of the family will also be upset about this situation, but do not let your child become the target of their jokes and teasing.Here are some things to keep in mind to help your child.

(a). Remind your child to go to the bathroom at midnight.

(b). Make sure the way to the bathroom is clear.

(c). Ask to go to the bathroom shortly before going to bed and then at bedtime.

(d). Put a plastic cover on the mattress.

(e). When you clean in the morning, take your child’s cleaning with you, taking care of your self-esteem.

Let me tell you a few tips to prevent children from urinating on their beds which is very effective not only for children but also for the elderly. Came. Candies, chewing gum, pills, etc. were not given to children. Gajaks, herdsmen ate with gusto.Since they contain moles, the problem of urination was also solved.


(1).White washed SESAME: two hundred and fifty grams.
(2).Coconut: Two hundred and fifty grams.
(3).Manqa: Two hundred and fifty grams.


Take 250 grams of white washed sesame seeds, clean it and grind 250 grams of coconut, or buy it from the market. Doing it yourself is more beneficial. Now take two and a half hundred grams of manqa, take out its seeds and clean the straw etc. You can make 25 to 27 ludos by quoting them all well. In the morning, give each child a ludo. Have breakfast 15 minutes later. In the same way, feed a laddu before going to bed at night. Inshallah, the complaint of children inadvertently urinating while sleeping at night will be completely eliminated.Some women also use semolina in these laddos. Here is how to make semolina laddu.


(1).Suji: Two hundred and fifty grams.
(2).Sugar: As required.
(3).Sesame: Two hundred and fifty grams.


Roast the semolina and set aside. Boil sugar syrup and add roasted semolina, sesame seeds and any fruits if you want. Now mix them all well and make laddoo. Feed a laddoo in the morning. Complaints will be removed. The following is another version with the same reference.
Take a potion mask from a good pharmacy and give it a spoonful before going to bed three or four Saturday nights. Do not scold the child and kindly urge him to urinate and lie down on the bed and recite whatever verses he remembers while sleeping.Now the weather is changing anyway. This problem is exacerbated during the cold season.
The home remedy is not to give tea, milk, water, etc. to the child after sunset. Be sure to get your urine tested by asking your doctor if there are any worms in your stomach. Sometimes the bladder is congenitally weak. If this is the case, consult a doctor.

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