Why do men get lace drops?

Why do men get lace drops?
Is it a disease?

Inside a man there is a gland called Bulbourethral Glands. This gland makes laced drops that come out of the urethra. These drops come out when you have sexual thoughts in your mind. You go to your partner. Or when most people are talking on the phone with a partner, your brain doesn’t know if you are going to intercourse or not. The brain only understands sexual thoughts or arousal, therefore involuntary. Drops start coming out. Young people get very upset about this and they run to the sages and the sages make the already frightened patient more frightened and make him a mental patient. While married people take it normally.

What is the purpose of the drops?

The purpose of these drops is to clear your urethra or urinary tract, ie if you have urinated, the urine is acidic. These drops clear the acidic urine and make the dry ribs dirty or wet. That semen / semen can come out easily and go into the maximum sperm vagina so that the chances of a woman getting pregnant increase.These drops acid also acts as a neutralizer. These drops neutralize acidity even in places where the environment is acidic, because living in a normal environment increases the age of sperm, so when you have sexual thoughts in your mind. If you play four, or have an obscene conversation with your partner on the call, drops may start to come out. Young / especially unmarried people consider these drops to be a disease although there is no need to be confused as it is not a disease.

Can a woman get pregnant with these drops?

Yes, it is possible that married men who have intermittent babies after ejaculate / discharge outside think that their wife will not be pregnant anymore but these laced drops do not contain much but some sperm Or there are dead sperm. The number of drops can also vary. There have been many cases around the world where women have become pregnant, so married people who want a break should be careful and unmarried people should respect the daughter of a noble father. Don’t apply it. Stay away from sin. A person may have two drops or more. The more sexual excitement there is, the more drops will be released. For example, if a worker works in extreme heat, he will sweat a lot, and if he works in normal weather, he will sweat less if he is burning. There is pain, there is a foul odor, the color of the drops is not clear and if it is dark, then there may be an infection, otherwise feel easy.

How to avoid these drops?

The only way to get rid of these drops is to get rid of the addiction of pornography and to adopt the method of marriage in a halal way. Please stop thinking pornographic thoughts. Stay ablution and observe prayers. In this case, you can be free from the addiction of obscenity. You must walk and exercise. Stay 1000 km away from quacks. You will never have to face these problems.

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