How to have intercourse with wife?

Sex is a very serious process …

Husbands and wives always start with a good sense of humor.
Then the man wants to start by stretching his arms, pressing his chest or kissing and sucking his lips.

The first few minutes are spent touching the body, including the clothes, leaving the chest pressed, then pressing … and this whole process is happening with laughter and light-heartedness.
Then the process of taking off the woman’s shirt begins, which is quite enchanting for the man … As soon as the woman’s body is freed from the shirt, the man begins to feel serious … and his sexual excitement. Starts taking fingers …

The first step is kissing
As soon as a man puts his lips on a woman’s lips, he starts sucking them …A few moments later, the woman too
It gets serious … which is actually the first step in entering the sex zone
And that’s where sex really begins
Kiss as you please … Suck each other’s tongue is also an exciting process … It gives a sudden boost to sexual feelings … and both of them reach somewhere.
After that, kissing the neck, light rubbing on the neck with light lips is very much liked by a woman and no woman in the world can bear the rubbing of a man’s lips on the neck and ears.

The second number is the breasts
Breasts that make a man unconscious
Gently touching it in different ways before pressing it, squeezing it, rubbing it, opening all the veins of a man increases blood circulation.The next step is to kiss them and rub your tongue on them.
We are not talking about kissing a woman’s vagina here, but after that, if a woman gets pleasure in the process of foreplay, she gets it by sucking the breast. Some women ejaculate while sucking the breast.
Take the nipples in your mouth and suck them with full vigor as much as you can.
Touching the tongue around the nipple gives the woman an electric shock … suck with regret and cut lightly.
The pleasurable hissing that comes out of a woman’s mouth while sucking is ah … ah … ah …
Your sexual excitement will rise …
And the man then loses his control and makes her want to just put it on now … but wait, the woman is definitely in the sex zone right now.But it still needs more foreplay …
Now go ahead … turn the woman upside down … lie on top of her and start kissing her from the sides of her neck, move your tongue lightly on her ears … kiss the height of her shoulders, cut it, woman Will suffer
Then kiss the waist, kiss the sides of the waist and move your tongue on it …
After that, move your hands from the neck to the hips from the waist to the hips. Women’s hips are very sensitive.
If the husband and wife have a very good sex relationship, then lightly slap on the hips and increase the intensity of the slapping. You will not find the special melodious sounds coming out of it in anything else in the universe.Hearing those erotic voices, even the man’s senses are lost … and he sinks into the abyss of complete sexual excitement.
On the other hand, a woman also gets lost in the insanity gained before ejaculation
Then straighten the wife … while touching the chest, come down from the abdomen and navel …

Now lie down with your face on your wife’s thighs.
If possible, spray your favorite perfume or body spray on a woman’s thighs and on the inside.
Then sniff the thighs … It is very good if the wife takes a bath before having intercourse …
Sniffing a woman’s white thighs produces more intoxication than any other drug in the world.More than ten lines of cocaine will get addicted …
Kiss the thighs a few inches away from the genitals and move your tongue over them. During this time, the woman will be jumping and will put her hand on your head. Doesn’t happen
Now caress the woman’s genitals with your hands. Touch the vagina with your fingers and do light rubbing.
Remember, a woman likes to put her hand on her genitals at the end … because after touching her vagina, she wants to penetrate again.
Stop here now … some people go beyond that, some people just kiss the genitals and some people even lick it … it is now the will of every servant … No one likes action.
No one here is being encouraged to do this …Let’s move on …
This whole process takes about twenty to twenty-five minutes.
At this point the woman is fully ready for penetration

Now apply oil on your penis, open both the lips of the woman’s genitals with the help of finger and thumb and rub the tip of your penis at her sight.
Rubbing your head will answer her patience ….. she will be lying down and eating the bill like a snake …..
She must be tormented … she must be mumbling … her bus may not be running so somehow the bus should go inside now …
But you have to keep your senses and do not feel sorry at all but torment Begum more
To enjoy the expressions of pleasure that appear on his face is to satisfy the heart and soul.
Its deliciously suppressed screams and hisses are like dripping juice in the ears.There is no more beautiful sight in the world than to see a woman sobbing with pleasure
These moments are very precious, they are priceless, they have no value …
There is a test for a woman, but it is not easy for a man to control himself at this time. The feet of the good ones become stiff. Can dedicate
If a man has more control over himself, then there comes a moment when a woman, in a fit of madness, attacks a man’s limb and tries to grab him and force him inside her.
But it rarely happens before a man’s confinement
is answered … and he puts it inside.


By the way, at this time the woman’s genitals are soaked with laced water. Clean it with a cloth and dry it. Remember that water is not the water for ejaculation of a woman. That water is a sure sign of its vigor and readiness
Now apply oil on your penis. There is nothing more enjoyable than mustard for homosexuality. Sometimes I think it is probably made for that reason.
Now just put the hat inside …
As soon as the hat goes in, a long sigh comes out of the woman’s mouth with a sigh.
Put on the hat and then take it off …
The woman will suffer … don’t worry about suffering … then put on the hat
Then she will sigh … then take it out …
The woman will be watching the anguish …Now, for the third time, put on your hat and pull it down to the root in one stroke.
As soon as the whole thing goes in, a woman’s screams full of pleasure will resound in the atmosphere of the room … and she will grip you with both hands … you put all your strength inside the root for a few moments and let it go. Shock three loudly …
The woman’s screams and hisses will get louder and louder. She will be going through a state of intense ejaculation at that time. Keep your senses. In the state of ejaculation of a woman, keep touching her hair on her forehead with love. Until she comes out of the ejaculation state … after a few moments she will take a deep breath and become loose and lifeless …
Kiss her lovingly when her senses are restored.So, first of all, a heavenly smile will appear on his face … a beautiful smile …
Then she will be ashamed … then she will put her arms around your neck and kiss you … they are very beautiful for a few moments … but very beautiful …
After that, you are now free to ejaculate as you wish. Do as much timing as you should.
If a person acts in exactly the same way, even if his timing is only two minutes, he can give his wife full sexual pleasure.

Note: According to SEX EXPERTS, there are three types of women.
(1). 🔥 Hot tempered women.
(2).Normal tempered women.
(3). ❄️ Cold tempered women …
A hot tempered 👠 woman gets ready quickly for a maximum of TEN minutes.
It takes a woman in a normal mood TWENTY FIVE minutes.While a cold tempered woman takes HALF an Hour to get ready.

By the way, the topic of sex is very wide, there are hundreds of aspects of it, but here only a woman is fully sexually heated and ejaculated.

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