If you often have pain all over your body,use these tips.

Pain all over the body ..!
Great domestic tips.
Which have been proven by scientific research …!
So can anyone.!

Often the causes of pain are not known when no reason can be
found and I want to get rid of the pain
So these domestic proven by scientific research
Take advantage of natural herbal remedies:-


A table spoon of pure apple cider Vinegar and a glass of warm water mix it and drink it twice
a day.


This coffee can be drunk all day long,make a liter coffee and put
it in a thermos,keep drinking in
small cups all day.

(3).GREEN TEA. 🍵

Make green ☕ tea and use this
in morning and evening.


Drink TURMERIC MILK before going to bed at night.


One cause of pain is a lack of vitamin C. Use a good company
vitamin C supplement.

(6). 🐠 🐟 FISH.

Be sure to eat fried 🐟 fish at least once a week.

(7).RED PEPPER 🌶️.

Increase the use of chopped RED 🌶️ at home.

(8). CLOVE.

A natural painkiller…….Use this
In food will also increase taste good, increase it’s usage.


Use a teaspoon of CINNAMON powder once a day.


A tablespoon of fresh aloe vera
Eat twice a day will relieve pain.

(11).A strip of cotton
Hot water in the cold
Soak in plain water in the heat and squeeze
And place it on the sore spot

(12).ICE 🍨 CUBES.

On a very painful joint
An ice pack is very useful, especially after an injury. It works best for 30 minutes
Repeat as needed.


Keep different types of heating pads at home, squeeze where
there is pain.Fill raw rice in a
thick cotton sock,preheat
Preheat the microwave oven.

(14). 🌞 SUNLIGHT.

It is very important
Sit in the 🌞 sun for at least 30 minutes a day
After Fajr and after Asr.

(15). MASSAGE.

The best treatment for body aches is first sit under the sun
Light then massage with lukewarm mustard oil.


Smelling is a centuries-old cure for pain so use Lavender oil
if is easily found.


After every prayer
Stretching exercises like yoga
Almost all the pain will go away.


Thumb and forefinger
Three to five minutes on the joint apply moderate pressure
and take deep breaths during this time.


Those who have the facility of swimming is very useful.


Many body aches only finishing with the end of constipation.


That is, deep breathing exercises,take five times a day
for five minutes after each prayer.Take a deep breath while
imagining that the pain is coming out of the body and
Health is returning.

(22).Pneumatic objects.

All the food that goes into the stomach and make gas
Close as they create
Potatoes, rice, beef, fried foods etc.
Stop junk food
Eat fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in salads and soups

(23).Lastly, the most important thing is to be thankful. Yes, giving thanks to God is the cure for every pain.Infact more blessings are to be called where there is gratitude,there will be peace,there will be contentment.

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