Dangerous health effects of COCA-COLA, PEPSI etc.

Disadvantages of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sting etc….

Today’s new generation is a victim of Western propaganda and considers poisonous water in sweet bottles as a cure for their thirst. Yes, cold drinks commonly used in feasts and ceremonies are actually poison in the guise of pleasing taste. If you put your hard teeth or nails in the bottle, it will melt in two days. However, the same teeth, bones and nails can be found in a safe condition for a thousand years even after the death of a human being. What is the reason that children, despite being somewhat dangerous to health, insanely demand these drinks?One of the reasons is that it is a very charming and misleading advertisement by the companies in which innocent children and young famous actors, movie stars and favorite heroines are seen drinking these drinks in a charming way and imitating them in their style. let’s try. These dazzling advertisements intimidate immature minds and make them addicted to these drinks. The second reason is their taste, which is created from things that are dangerous to human health.
The companies that make them say that they spend half of their profits on getting people to order a drink with a specific name instead of a bottle. Obviously, the cost of this great advertising is borne by the user.


You can see the mixture of these drinks in fine English inside the lid. These chemicals are as follows:


Our bodies expel this semi-toxic gas, which is like blood waste, out of the lungs by inhalation, but during the preparation of beverages, this gas is specially absorbed into the water to create bubbles in the water. We swallow it through our mouth. The process of passing this gas into water produces carbonic acid, so the acidity of these drinks is 4/3, that is, three or four degrees faster than the acidity of the human body! This level of acid dissolves the bones and teeth. Human bones stop forming after the age of thirty,That is, the human skeleton begins to decline, so at this age these drinks are extremely dangerous.
Carbon dioxide makes drinks cold and refreshing to drink, but the same properties increase the load on our body system and stomach, one because of the acidity, and the other because of the temperature of the drink. The temperature is usually zero degrees Celsius, while the normal human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. The stomach has to do extra work to close this gap. DIGESTIVE Enzymes When they are finished, they put more work on the stomach because it also has to work with enzymes. Thus the stomach responds quickly and the food is digested.The stomach responds quickly and the food is difficult to digest. Gastrointestinal upset causes the formation of gases and other toxic substances which are absorbed in the intestines and cause premature aging of the body.


This acidic substance protects iron and steel from rust and removes excess calcium from the bones and teeth of our body. Continued use can lead to bone fractures and can lead to serious symptoms such as osteoporosis, back pain, and sometimes minor fractures. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.


It is a drug that stimulates our nervous system and makes a person feel temporarily awake, refreshed and happy.But after five or six hours, when the effect wears off, he becomes weak, lethargic, exhausted and bored. Excessive use of it has a poisonous effect, but it is an important component of cola drinks. Excessive consumption of caffeine causes excitement, anxiety, tremors and rapid heartbeat. At the same time, the rhythm of the heartbeat may change. headache is common. The amount of caffeine in a normal bottle is thirty-five to fifty milligrams, while in a one and a half liter bottle it is two hundred milligrams.


It is a chemical that is added to vehicles to prevent water from freezing. It is a slow-acting poison similar to arsenic, which is also used in the preparation of cola drinks. Death can occur if four liters of cola is consumed in an hour.While drinking two and a half liters causes fainting.


Prepared foods use pigments to create flavors. These include red amaranth and bordeaux beverages, which have been shown to cause cancer and have harmful effects on human health, according to research.


(1). Negative effects on mental health, anxiety, excitement. They make the child stubborn by creating stubbornness. They tend to harass parents and market each other and decrease intelligence.
(2). Drinks contain a lot of sugar, so the negative effects on the physical health of children is that the child looks fat, but internally weak and sluggish. Many children die of hunger, which causes yellowing.This causes dark circles around the eyes and death on the face.
(3). Excessive consumption of these drinks due to caffeine causes liver diseases.
(4). Prolonged use damages the gastrointestinal tract and leads to high blood pressure and diabetes. Every type of drink has very harmful effects for diabetics.
(5). Excessive consumption of alcohol causes stress, headaches, especially migraines. Reasonable behavior changes and mental capacity decreases.
(6). Prolonged use can also cause gastric and bladder cancer.
(7). If a pregnant woman consumes these drinks, there is a risk of birth defects in addition to the physical anomaly of the child.The rate of which is increasing in our society.
(8). American and European doctors are of the opinion that the above diseases are common in countries where the use of cold drinks is common.
(9). Now American and European doctors are also urging their people to consume cold drinks as little as possible because if they continue like this, twenty years later millions of people will be suffering from various diseases and living a miserable life.


(1). SIMPLE or FLAVORED MILK DRINK: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

WITH CARDAMOM and Almond pistachio slices, with ginger and honey, with a mixture of dates, a mixture of fruit and milk (Malik Shake), mango, banana or apple, plain or It is very useful to drink milk with flavors such as poppy or almonds.

(2). COLD WATER DRINKS:. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

WITH scallops, gar or lemons and salt,Aloe vera and tamarind syrup, balango seeds and gum katira. Herbal drinks such as cardamom syrup, buzuri syrup, etc.

(3). FRESH JUICE: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Such as carrot juice, apple and carrot juice, pomegranate, mango juice, malt juice, etc.

(4). GREEN COFFEE ☕: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

It can be used with cardamom, ginger, lemon and fennel, especially in winter according to the mood. It is more beneficial for digestion and health than black tea.
We must work hard to build a healthy society. Now it is your duty to make other people aware of the true nature of cold drinks so that they may come out of the world of ignorance and come to their senses and give up unnatural habits and live a healthy life in the embrace of nature.

However, these cold drinks are the enemy of our health, it is wise to avoid them.

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