In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Hearing is one of God’s greatest blessings. Hearing loss is a common occurrence, but nowadays children and young people suffer from any of these diseases. Medical experts have suggested some natural remedies for hearing ailments, which can be used to control most hearing ailments. According to doctors, the main causes of hearing loss include hearing loss, sudden ringing in the ears at night, and noise. If these early symptoms are not addressed immediately, the problem can escalate further. Factors affecting hearing include diabetes, kidney disease,Ear tumors, ear injuries, etc. Natural remedies do not work in such cases. Natural remedies are only effective in ear infections, hearing loss due to airline passengers or altitude changes, etc. So here are some tips for hearing protection and improvement that you will definitely use.


(1).Vinegar contains manganese, potassium, zinc and manganese, which are good for people with hearing loss. Especially in patients with hearing loss, using vinegar and honey mixed in a cup of water reduces ear irritation.

(2).ONIONS have long been used to treat EAR πŸ‘‚ infections, but researchers have now proven that onions have a significant effect on ear damage, especially trauma, explosion or any damage to the ear due to pressure. Keeps Scientists consider onions to be an effective natural remedy. Explaining how to use it, scientists say that soak three grams of onion in one liter of water for twelve hours and use this water in case of ear infection.

(3). CRUSHED SALT has also been used for decades for ear pain and infections Heat a cup of ground salt and wrap it in a cloth and place it over the ear to get rid of the fluid in the ear while relieving the infection. In addition, the use of sulfur also helps to open closed ears.

(4).The dried leaves of the plant called Ω†Niaz Bo which are sour, sweet in taste have the status of elixir in hearing problems which can be used to overcome various problems including low blood pressure. Boil a few dried leaves of Niaz Bo in a cup of boiling water and use it for at least ten days to cure the disease.

(5).No matter what the disease, man has always wanted to get rid of it immediately and when it comes to pain like ear pain, the soul begins to perish just by thinking. But you do not have to worry, Below we also present two tips related to this which will be useful not only for this life-threatening pain but also for other ear diseases.

(6). In RADISH JUICE, we add same weight SOLE OIL. Keep it on low heat. When the juice burns and empty oil is left, filter it and store it in the bottle. And other ear diseases go away.

(7).If there is fiber in the ear, ear pain, ear closure and any kind of ear pain, take a spoonful of tulime juice and dissolve a pinch of sweet soda in it and put it in the dropper. Shake it before putting it and put it in the ear, three drops three times a day. Do this for a few days or a few weeks. Those who do so have their disease eradicated forever and they are cured forever.

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