Do you often experience leg pain at night?

Do you often have pain in your legs at night?

If you have ever experienced severe pain in your shins, legs or thighs during sleep at night, you will know how painful it is.

In medical parlance it is called Charlie Horse, which often causes severe pain in the shin, thigh or leg muscles during sleep that can last from a few seconds to several minutes.

According to medical experts, even if this pain lasts for only 10 seconds, it may feel as if it has been going on for 20 years. However, this pain may occur before or after exercise during wakefulness and can also appear in other parts of the body.

However, it usually occurs in some part of the legs at night.


It is not entirely clear what the reasons are, but several elements are pointed out.

For years, experts have believed that muscle cramps are the result of dehydration and loss of electrolytes, but research reports suggest that there may be more reasons.

According to Nabil Ibrahim, an expert at Toledo Medical Center, it is believed that this muscle strain is the result of repeated nerve fires and has nothing to do with the muscle, the most common cause being too much stress on the muscles Used a lot.

Other elements include prolonged sitting, poor blood circulation, certain medications,There is also a sedentary lifestyle and excessive strenuous exercise, with pregnant women, athletes, the elderly and obese people being the most affected.

Why does it happen at night?

It is not yet clear why Charlie Horse is often encountered during sleep, but experts have some ideas.

Excessive sitting at the end of the day, poor posture, or muscle fatigue as a result of exercise can lead to muscle stiffness, according to Jonathan Meltzer, a physiotherapist.

It is also important to look at the position of the body during sleep, which can lead to stiffness. If you lie down and your legs are hanging down, you may complain of stiff muscle stiffness on a long-term basis.


There are a number of ways that it can help prevent or reduce pain.

Adopting good habits such as stretching and muscle roller sticks can loosen stiff muscles. Spreading the muscles helps them to function properly, stretching the shins and legs before going to bed helps prevent this problem.

Being physically active also prevents this problem because sitting too long or standing in one place increases the pressure on the muscles, constantly changing the physical position at home and in the office can prevent this problem, such as every hour. I get up from my chair and take a short walk and so on.

However, research on dehydration and muscle stiffness has been mixed but there is no harm in making it a habit to drink adequate amounts of water. According to medical experts, we cannot say for sure whether it will be beneficial for muscle cramps or not, but it is certainly not harmful.

Adjusting the sleeping position can also prevent this problem.


If you have ever had this problem in your sleep, turning your toes towards the body can also provide some relief.

If there is swelling in the muscles, a warm cloth, massage or ice can also be used to help. In addition, massage of mustard or olive oil on the soles of the feet is also very useful in relieving this pain.

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