Why are the children of the present age becoming rude?

There are five reasons why today’s CHILDREN are becoming “RUDE”.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

CHILDREN are a blessing from God Almighty, if they are not there, then man does not do anything to seek them, and even if they are and do not obey, it is a very painful thing, and such children become a headache for parents and they are premature. The accusation of disobedience is being leveled at today’s children and the reality behind this accusation is the same. Psychologists say that the children of the present age are more arrogant than the children of the previous age. There are 5 reasons why disobedient people are behind it.

Reason No:(1)



Parents today do not like to have their children explain things to them, because parents want to be independent and if someone else wants to help them, even their grandparents, they will understand. This is an intrusion into their personal lives and other people should stay within their limits. In previous generations there was something that they knew that relatives have a big role in the child’s upbringing so they give children other relationships. They also used to teach literature, but today’s children do not care about their relatives, such as uncles, aunts, uncles, etc., and if they explain something to them, their parents, including the children, get angry and that’s a big reason why kids are moving away from adult literature.

Reason No. (2)


CHILDREN’S handcuffs are being tolerated.

If today’s children are arrogant, parents tolerate their insults and say that they are still children and when they grow up they will understand automatically and this is a mistake because children are very fast. They learn and if they are not reprimanded for something wrong, they will repeat the mistake and it will not occur to them that they are making a mistake, so it is very important to stop children from doing anything wrong.

REASON No. (3).


Parents are using shortcuts to keep their children busy *
Only a few years ago, children were not allowed to touch the RADIO and TVand they had to get up early in the morning to watch a cartoon or a program of their own, and in the evening at a certain time they had to ask their parents to watch their favorite TV show, but today’s children have iPods, tablets, computers There are internet sites on which they can watch their programs whenever and however they want without any permission. One of the disadvantages of this abundance of things is that children who used to be able to get permission at an early age can now watch it before their age. They are becoming independent over everything and if they are prevented from doing so by another adult, they become angry and rude.

Reason No. (4)


CHILDREN try to take advantage of parental leniency.In this day and age, parents listen to their children and believe in their opinions and value their opinions. So it affects the training of children and makes them rude.

Reason No.( 5 )


Parental Time for CHILDREN.

Children are entitled to pampering and parental time, but parents also need time for themselves and it is important to teach children that parents have their own lives in addition to their children, where it is important to give them time. And interfering with that parent’s life is considered rude,For example, if the father is going to work from home, the children usually want to go with him on a motorbike or car and they rush for this work. In such an occasion, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach the children Teach and tell them that children do not have to go everywhere with their parents.

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