Heart attack Vs. Heart burn.

What is the Difference between a ❤️ HEART ATTACK or HEARTBURN?

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Can you tell the difference between heartburn and heart attack?

In fact, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart but with the esophagus, ie the one that connects the stomach to the mouth, but because it is the neighbor of the heart in the body, it can cause heartburn and heart attack in people. Confusion can occur.

What is a HEART ❣️ ATTACK?

If oxygen-rich blood begins to block any part of the heart, that section begins to die and this is called a heart attack.

What is HEARTBURN? ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

During heartburn, stomach acid builds up in the esophagus, causing chest pain which goes to the neck, throat or jaw.

What are the SYMPTOMS of a ❤️HEART ATTACK?

If you have a heart attack, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms.

There is a feeling of restlessness in the middle of the chest that can last for several minutes, it feels as if the area is being pressed, stretched, pain or a feeling of filling.

Pain or discomfort in one or both hands, back, neck, jaw or stomach.

Difficulty breathing or heaviness in the chest.

Loss of cold sweat, nausea or vomiting and lightheadedness.

One of these symptoms can usually be experienced during HEARTBURN.

How to know about HEARTBURN?

Most of the experts say that if the above symptoms disappear after belching, it may be due to a problem in the esophagus instead of the heart. However, if you have difficulty breathing or are sweating, it can lead to heart problems.

What to do in case of ❤️ HEART ATTACK?

The Mayo Clinic website in the United States advises that “symptoms of a heart attack last for more than five minutes, in which case seek medical attention immediately.”

Also, as soon as you experience these symptoms, chew an aspirin and swallow it with water. This prevents blood clots from forming and prevents damage.

What if there is HEARTBURN?

According to medical experts, if the man is skinny, he should lie down on his back on the bed so that the stomach acids can get down the esophagus.

Lie on your left side, this position helps reduce the symptoms of heartburn at night.

Chew chewing gum as it increases the amount of saliva which relaxes the esophagus and carries acid to the stomach.

Still confused?

If you still do not believe it is a heart attack or heart attack, seek medical help immediately to save your life. It is very easy to get confused between these two diseases, so give the doctor a chance to know about it.

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