How to Encourage Children to Eat?

How to Encourage Children to Eat.?

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

There is a saying in the minds of mothers that their baby does not want to eat and is very annoying. She complains to everyone who comes to her about her problem, and when she has to go to the doctor, she asks how to get the child to eat and drink.

According to medical experts, this complaint of most mothers is unwarranted, because their children are physically well in terms of age and weight, but they want the child to be seen eating and drinking all the time when untimely or Eating too much is not a healthy trend. Parents should be concerned about their children’s height, weight and physical development due to their age.They definitely need to pay attention to their diet and consult a doctor.

Children whose age, weight, height, and physical development are affected by malnutrition should follow a few guidelines to address this.

According to medical experts, mothers should not compare or contrast the physical health of their children with other children. Remember that every child has different tastes, likes and dislikes. Similarly, children of the same household or children of close relatives do not necessarily have the same height, size, weight and health. They are definitely different because of their genetics and their environment.

Mothers should give solid food to their six to one year old child when he is hungry.In it (light and easily digestible foods according to age) feed and sometimes give oatmeal, sago seeds, custard, kachhari etc. Consider which of the salty or sweet foods your child likes to eat.

In order to arouse the interest of a child older than two years in eating and drinking, he should resort to different colors and words of interest or humor. Make it a habit at home, but at the same time make burgers, potato chips, sandwiches, broths, etc. at home. The most important thing is that there should be a set time for whatever food mothers give them. Don’t get into the habit of biscuits, salt, market chips or canned products.Most mothers repeatedly say in front of their children that they do not eat or drink anything. Give up this attitude. If he refuses to eat something, try to feed him with love, but there is no need to say such a sentence after constant refusal. Leave it at that or make something else.

It is easy for children who are more conscious to make it a habit to eat and drink, but it is more difficult to work with an only child and it is certainly a test of patience.

Encourage children to clean plates and eat happily, and this should be done from an early age so that they become accustomed to eating and drinking as they get older.

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