THYROID:Best Treatment of thyroid gland.


There are many types of glands in the human body that perform different functions. The thyroid glands in the throat produce a special type of hormone that aims to keep energy from food in moderation. Its deficiency and excess make our body prone to various diseases. The disease is more common in women than men.
The thyroid slows down the digestive system. Most people gain a lot of weight when the thyroid is not tested. With treatment, hormones are balanced and weight soon returns to normal. At heart, hypothyroidism is a very debilitating disease that can wreak havoc on a patient’s entire life.

I am offering you a great recipe to get rid of this disease.


(1).In a cup and a half of water.
(2).2 inch piece of CINNAMON.
(3).2 small CARDAMOMS.
(4).A quarter teaspoon of FENNEL.
(5).One and a half inch piece of GINGER.
Boil them all well, when one cup of water is left, drink it when it is half warm.


Use this coffee twice a day.
Drink 3 hours after breakfast and 3 hours after lunch. It is important to be punctual. This is because the stomach is in a state of being neither empty nor full within 3 hours after eating something. This is considered to be the most ideal time for medicine.
On the one hand, your weight will start to decrease very quickly and at the same time, by the grace of Allah, your thyroid levels will also start to return to normal.Keep in mind that this coffee is a complete cure for hypothyroidism by the grace of Allah, but since it is a hormonal disease, it takes time to recover, so at least this coffee for at least three months and more. A maximum of six months must be given.


Do not use by breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.
Do not use on children under 15 years of age.
If your stomach is weak and it causes gas, etc., then drink one day instead of one day.
If you are taking thyroxine or any other medicine, keep taking it.
After three months of taking coffee, get tested. If the levels are getting better, reduce the medicine by consulting a DOCTOR.
This coffee is perfect for both men and women.

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