The Secret of a happy and ideal life.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: There is a lot to read on how to be happy in life, how to make it work and how to build a happy relationship. However, how to live a contented, long, prosperous and hopeful life, spanning several decades and how to cope with the unexpected upsContinue reading “SECRETS of HAPPY & IDEAL LIFE.”

Do you know These DANGEROUS Consequences of STOPPING URINATION?

Dangerous Consequences of Stopping URINATION There are some essentials in human life which, if done on time, make things right. Such cases include urinating, which must be done at the exact moment when a person’s brain signals to urinate. However, sometimes people stop urinating for a long time due to lack of a safe andContinue reading “Do you know These DANGEROUS Consequences of STOPPING URINATION?”