ALLERGIES—Causes, Symptoms and best treatment.

Don’t Ignore “ALLERGIES”.

Allergy is an abnormal function of the body that manifests against a foreign object and can affect any part of the body. Sensitivity develops where the allergen appears. If care is not taken in the use of these products, allergies can lead to more problems.
Many things cause allergies but nowadays it is summer season and fungus allergy becomes common in this season. Because the fungus present in the air affects the human body and appears in the form of allergy. Nowadays wheat allergy is also common in Pakistan. It used to happen outside.Allergies should not be ignored, but try to stay away from things that cause allergies, because sometimes it can be very painful.

Anyone can be allergic to anything like food, perfume, seafood, dust, cockroaches, birds and animals, insect bites, clothes, artificial jewelery, watches, henna. It can also be caused by cosmetics and dyes, flowers, sunlight and excess protein in the diet.

Itching, redness, irritation, fine or coarse rash, swelling, redness in the eyes, itchy eyes, respiratory problems, runny nose and redness, sneezing,These include swelling and itching of the face and eyes.

(a). Grind a cucumber and mix it with a teaspoon of rose liqueur and half a teaspoon of honey, then the face will be protected from sun allergies.

(b). A teaspoon of turmeric dissolved in a little water and applied with the help of cotton wool is beneficial in allergies.

(c). Dryness in the head is also sometimes the cause of allergies. Mix one egg white, one spoon of turmeric and two spoons of yoghurt and wash it after half an hour.

(d). If there is allergy anywhere in the body, after taking a bath, add two spoons of white vinegar in half a bucket and pour water all over the body, then the allergy goes away immediately.

(e). Sometimes children get allergic reactions to pempro etc.It hurts a lot. If a pinch of camphor is dissolved in water and applied to the baby with the help of cotton wool, the redness will disappear after ten minutes and there will be benefit in allergy.

(f). If you are allergic to any part of the body, make a bundle of neem leaves in boiling water and squeeze the affected part.

(g). To get rid of nasal allergies, mix one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of sweet soda in water and clean the nose with a cross.

(h). To protect against any kind of allergy, if Clonji Katil is applied inside the nose with the help of cotton bud, the dangers of allergy can be avoided.

(I). Heat rash in summer is also a type of allergy. For this, if you take half a teaspoon of food after bathing and dissolve it in a glass of water and apply it with the help of cotton, then the rash disappears.In addition, neem leaves can be mixed in water and mixed with turmeric.

(j). Fifteen minutes before bathing, if massaged with mustard oil, there is no allergy.

(k). To get rid of pollen allergy, take half a teaspoon of violet and violet leaves and boil them in one and a half cup of water.

(l). Use calamine lotion to avoid allergies immediately.

(m).Take daily baths and drink eight to twelve glasses of water.

(n). Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes to keep them safe.

(o). Change clothes, handkerchiefs, towels, bed sheets, pillowcases daily …

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