Borderline personality disorder, Causes & Treatment.

Unreasonable ANGER:

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

ANGER over small things is a mental illness which is called borderline personality disorder. People suffering from this disease start touching the sky over small things, they bleed relationships, there is no self image of such psychiatric patients. Happens, in the morning they think of themselves as great personalities, before evening they begin to think of themselves as useless and corrupt.
A deep friendship with someone in the morning is a bitter enmity in the evening, meaning frequent and quick changes of feelings.
Anger comes to everyone, but patients suffering from this disease are the first to sell foul in anger and utter filthy abuses, without any research and without thinking, which is the biggest sign of this disease…The marital life of such patients is no less than a torment. They have a lot of doubts about their partner in the relationship. There is a chance that someone will tell them that you did not do this job well. They also forbid people to live,

People with this disease, being very sensitive, take small and funny things to heart, do not forget for a long time, but keep reminding me why he said this to me on such and such an occasion, etc.

Patients with this disease find it very difficult to mix with people, usually away from society and prefer solitude.

Psychologically dead are those who are lost, those who do not consider themselves worthy, those who have Unnecessary thoughts like no one likes me, no one likes me, I have no character, I can’t do anything, etc.

In addition to unnecessarily doubting the partner in a relationship, there is also a lot of skepticism in normal life where when two people are talking to each other, the patient feels that he is talking, conspiring or trying to harm me. Are doing,The causes of this disease are inappropriate childhood condition,stress,Last stage of Anxiety, Depression before adolescence, Unnecessary expectations of parents from children such as taking so many marks in exam,it has to be (otherwise) here it is “otherwise” The virus is a disease that Causes Stress, Depression and eventually borderline personality disorder.

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