Are you Worried about Leg Stiffness? It’s Causes & Treatment.

Are you Worried about Leg Stiffness?

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Leg stiffness is a common problem that affects the muscles of the feet, shins and thighs, during which there is a sudden painful stretch in a foot.

This is usually when someone is sleeping or resting, which disappears after a few seconds but lasts an average of 9 minutes while the effect on the file can be felt even after 24 hours. Is.

Often the cause of this leg pain is not known and is considered harmless, but in many cases it can also lead to a hidden disease such as diabetes.

It is more common in middle-aged or elderly people and PREGNANT women, but can occur at any age.Possible factors include dehydration, some medications, alcohol use, and so on.


As noted above, in most cases the cause is not clear and is thought to be the result of fatigue and nervous breakdown, but in fact why this is so is unclear.

There are indications that sleep patterns, leg cramps and shin splints can cause stiffness at night, while another suggestion is that the reason is not to sit on your knees or kneeling nowadays. , Because it stretches or stretches the shin muscles from this position.

Exercise is also a factor and prolonged pressure or use on a file can also cause this stiffness,Dehydration can also play an important role, but the evidence is not very solid.

In addition, many times the problem is a disease such as cholera, flat feet, excessive alcohol consumption, gastrointestinal bypass surgery, thyroid disease, kidney failure, type 2 diabetes, cancer treatment, muscle fatigue, venous diseases, Parkinson’s disease, seizures and the use of certain medications can also result.


There is no prescriptive drug that will stop the flow of emotions, though their effects can be curtailed.

Gently scratching the muscles, massaging the affected area by hand, massaging the leg using a foam roller, stretching and compressing the leg also helps to spread the muscles,apply something warm to the affected area.

There is limited evidence that exercise and muscle scratching, calcium and vitamin B12 may be potentially helpful, while pregnant women may be prescribed multivitamins by doctors.


The following steps can help prevent this, such as giving support under the toes while sleeping or sleeping with the toes on a pillow, using fitting shoes, physical activity such as walking, in moderation. Drinking water etc.

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