SCIATICA NERVE PAIN, Symptoms & Best Treatment.

SCIATICA Pain, Precautions and Treatment.
In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

The disease is 100% curable, even in a very short time without surgery.

Treatment of scurvy not Tomorrow but Today …………….
The system of the human body has been arranged by Allah Almighty on two parts. Some parts of the body are automatic, that is, they are working in their own continuity and some parts are subject to human will. When their autonomic system begins to be disrupted, it manifests itself in one form or another, which is an expression of an internal disease. In fact, if you are busy in your daily life and suddenly the lower part of the body is experiencing severe pain, then the cause is schizophrenia, also known as common sciatica.

This pain suddenly affects anyone and keeps people jammed.
In fact, it is possible to avoid it only if you manage to catch the first effect of sciatica because most people do not usually understand its symptoms.

The good news is that these diseases are usually so obvious that they can be caught and prevented.
The SCIATIC Nerve performs some important functions, such as commanding the muscles in the lower part of the knees and legs, while it also supplies sensations or emotions to the legs and feet.

If this Nerve has some kind of problem, it will not be able to do its job, as a result of which symptoms of SCIATICA will appear.

The most common symptom that distinguishes this pain from other types of pain is lower back pain or discomfort which extends from the hips down to the thighs and shins.
By the way, in case of a problem in this nerve, there can be a problem of discomfort anywhere in the lower body, but usually it is noticeable in the places mentioned above.
There is a sharp pain in the esophagus, accompanied by a burning sensation that makes life indigestible.

If this condition persists for more than a week, it is best to consult a doctor.
Also see a doctor for some other symptoms such as muscle weakness, excessive numbness of the lower body or leg, or bladder and bowel problems.

Symptoms are an external reflection of the internal picture of any disease. There are different types of pain such as headache, back pain, cramps Sciatica, bone pain, etc. It is the job of the physician to classify the pain in the body after all the symptoms, movements and observations of the patient and to classify it as a specific disease. The pain we will mention here is called sciatica. In modern times, this pain has become very common and most of the women suffer from it. Sciatica is a pain that starts at the head of the pelvis because there is a large nerve called the sciatica nerve. The pain starts at the head of the pelvis and extends from the back of the leg to the outer ankle. In fact, it is a neurological disease. Symptoms The pain of sciatica starts slowly and intensifies and sometimes starts suddenly.Sometimes the affected leg becomes heavy and it becomes very difficult for the patient to put weight on it.

Diagnosis The patient usually needs to put a load on the affected leg, so he puts the load on the front of the foot and keeps the heel high so that there is no strain on the sciatic nerve. In this case, the patient wants to keep the leg loose. Drags. The affected leg is often bruised and the veins are stretched. If the patient is sitting with his leg hanging on a chair and the knee is pressed, the patient feels severe pain. The patient cannot bend or spread the leg quickly and easily towards the abdomen as stretching is painful and even the slightest cooling increases the patient’s pain.


Constipation is usually caused by soaking in water for a long time, sitting or sleeping in a damp place, lifting too much (weight), severe shock, spinal cord tremors, nervous tension, anxiety, constant lying down, many Sitting for hours on end, walking incorrectly, and having an accident can all lead to stretching of the sciatic nerve. It is also common in people living in humid places. Treatment Treat this disease with extreme caution. And as soon as possible, the pain expert should contact a doctor so that the vein is not damaged as much as possible. And try to avoid surgery. Nowadays, the treatment of sciatica is very simple, one or two. Visits may be fine.If you want to protect yourself from any physical disability,it is very important to treat it.

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