Tips to get rid of “FOOT HEAT”.

  • Tips to Eliminate Foot heat

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

There are two reasons for burning or burning feet; a nervous breakdown that we don’t know about and diabetes. If you think your feet are burning or there is a burning sensation in your feet. So you have to consult a doctor to find out the cause. If the nerves are very affected, it must be treated with medication. And if you already know the cause of copper burn and you want to treat it in natural ways then here are a few tips for you.


..If you have diabetes, your diet is the cause of this problem. So eat a diet that keeps your sugar levels normal. Don’t forget to take your insulin.Eat small meals five or six times a day instead of three meals a day. Controlling sugar through good diet. Very useful for foot irritation.


…..The main reason for the weakness of the nerves is smoking. Quitting smoking will improve the nerves more quickly. And in this way you will get rid of the burning sensation in the legs. If you smoke, quit it too.


…..One of the best home remedies to keep your feet from getting uncomfortable is to keep your feet dry and wear socks that allow air to pass through. Cotton socks are best for this. Don’t let your feet sweat too much. If you sweat a lot on your feet, take off your shoes for a while and dry your feet.



This condition can sometimes make it difficult to walk, and regular exercise is the best way to relieve foot irritation. Exercise improves blood circulation, and when the blood circulates properly, it reaches the feet. Helps to relieve heat in the feet.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: …..Soak the feet in cold water so that the blood flow is towards the feet. Soak the feet in water till the burning sensation does not apply empty ice on the feet but put the feet in cold water.


……..Massage your feet or have someone else do it. This will also increase blood flow to the feet, and will reduce the burning sensation in the feet. The best way to avoid foot burning is to speed up the blood flow in the feet. Be wet.


….Put two to three teaspoons of Epsom salt in lukewarm water and soak your feet for fifteen minutes. Doing so will soothe your feet and will also relieve pain.

Dry your feet after 15 minutes. And then apply a lotion if you want because Epsom salt will make your feet very dry.


Excessive alcohol consumption also damages the nerves, as nerve damage is a major cause of foot irritation. Therefore, it is better to try your best to avoid alcohol.

If you manage to control it, it will help you to get better. This is also a great way to avoid foot irritation.


…..Take clove oil and rub it on the feet. Massaging the feet will increase blood flow and reduce discomfort.Do this at least once a day.

10.* K-in PEPPER *

……Crushed red pepper which belongs to the type of capsicum. Put this powder in socks and wear socks. This pepper will keep your feet warm and will speed up the blood circulation in your legs. Do not use if there is any kind of wound.

Use the tips above to get rid of foot irritation.

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