How to Meditate for Lifelong Peace, Focus & Happiness.

  • Benefits of Meditation *
    In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
  • Meditation.
    Just like exercise and other practical ways change the physical lines. In the same way, mental movements can be controlled through meditation. It is obvious to us that thoughts or mental states have a profound effect on us. If there is an element of fear and terror in an idea, then the hairs stand on end, the sensation runs in the hands and feet. The body feels lifeless. Being mentally retarded does not allow one to combine one’s abilities and strengths.

Rest is only meant to mean lying down or not doing anything that wastes physical energy, but this definition of rest is incomplete.Many people seem to be calm. But internally disturbed, the mind gets tired of being entangled in the web of thoughts, and energy storage is rapidly expended. It is a well-known fact that mental health is essential for good health, and constant anxiety can lead to illness. Excessive energy consumption weakens the immune system. And patients attack.

When the nervous system is weakened, the brain functions are slowed down, the strength is weakened and the power of memory is affected. Lack of judgment does not lead to significant success in life.Experiments have also shown that mental confusion eventually results in physical illness. Complications of the mind directly and indirectly lead to heart disease, stroke and kidney stones.

Chronic stress can also cause incurable nervous breakdown. Negative thoughts can lead to stomach ulcers, acidity and constipation.

In order to achieve peace of mind, people resort to means by which consciousness is temporarily suspended. For example, peace of mind is sought through alcohol, other drugs and sleeping pills. These drugs do not change the structure of the mind while causing self-forgetfulness for a certain period of time.These sources not only damage physical health but also weaken the nervous system and lead to premature aging. According to medical science, sedatives “Tranquilizers” are divided into two groups. ۔ One group is called Major Tranquilizer and the other group is called Minor Tranquilizer.

Psychological disorders such as psychosis in which life becomes stagnant. The negative side is more in every work, the patient feels comfortable in a closed room. Separates family and loved ones. The patient is reluctant to come in front of anyone and feels insecure. He keeps the door and window closed even in extreme heat and confinement. It has been observed that even in times of extreme heat and humidity, the patient sleeps in a quilt.Eating food leaves a nominal interest. Lack of food causes the body to become lean and sometimes skeletal.

  • Schizophrenia: *
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: In this condition, the subconscious puts so much pressure on the patient’s consciousness that the patient begins to see other things. He sometimes sees the shadow and sometimes frees himself from the fleshy poppy body. Feels like flying in the shade. In the case of flying, skyscrapers jump from buildings to get pleasure. When the supernatural senses dominate his hearing, he hears distant sounds. Traps himself in an imaginary world. It looks like a big beautiful garden. In this imaginary garden he finds himself on the platform.There is a huge crowd waiting for him. Sometimes the impression of negative emotions is so strong that he starts crying when he sees horrible scenes. The purpose is to create a strange confusion in the senses. Sometimes in the form of a very smart, diligent, intelligent man and sometimes he talks senselessly.
  • Mania: *
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: When a man has a seizure of insanity, the beginning is somehow. Whether a little or suddenly. There is always a rush of tears inside the brain, and since there is no way for them to get out, the walls inside the cells break down due to the pressure and the way opens wider than anywhere else. It is not necessary that the gap is not fixed. In most of the cells, the blood becomes equal to zero, so the person becomes completely careless while sitting.Although it is not a disease, when such a vacuum occurs in the brain, the displacement of the cells in one direction increases so much that the cells become empty of some kind of memory. Although man wants to remember old events. Wants to remember again and again but can’t remember. On the one hand it happens and on the other hand it becomes so crowded that the brain stops working. In this way, the order of the cells does not remain as it should be, but becomes so irregular that the patient says one thing of the earth and one thing of the sky. Sometimes he claims to be a prophet and sometimes he becomes a king.

Being more effective can also be free from clothing. I don’t feel like eating or drinking. When it comes to walking, it goes miles and miles. Runs fast There is no effect of fatigue on the body. Free from the environment and the world and mafia, lost in thought, wandering in space. The order of worldly life does not remain the same. The feeling of comfort is almost gone. The body stores so much energy that it has to be bound with iron chains. When a dementia patient starts talking, he keeps talking but there is no connection. There is a special kind of radiance and transcendence in the eyes. The process of blinking becomes very limited.

Major tranquilizers and minor tranquilizers are used in psychosis, schizophrenia and mania with the following side effects.Dry mouth, blurred vision, lowered blood pressure, weight gain, high blood sugar. Jaundice occurs. The patient’s temperature rises, tremors develop, nervousness, fear, anxiety and confusion arise and appetite decreases and sometimes the patient becomes unable to walk due to the semen effects of the medication. There can be many other similar side effects that can lead to a coma. Minor tranquilizers are used to keep the mind calm.

One of the most harmful effects of these drugs is that the person becomes addicted to them and with prolonged use, the prescribed amount of food loses its effect and the amount of food has to be increased. ۔Homeopathic remedies should not be given immediately as stopping the medication immediately can lead to epileptic seizures and diseases such as insomnia, tremors, nausea, body aches, and loss of concentration.

On the contrary, meditation under the supervision of a physician brings relief and breaks down the flow of erroneous thoughts and creates a continuum in the flow of thoughts. Through meditation the natural connection between the mind and the soul is enhanced and man receives new waves of energy from the soul. At this point, the mental state is different from the normal times of waking and dreaming. Therefore, the damage to the nervous system is the best chance to normalize.

Physically, two systems work inside us.One is the Sympathetic System and the other is the Parasympathetic System. The former controls the rate of heartbeat, the speed of blood flow and the dilation of the retina. Under the other system, the heart rate slows down and the blood flow slows down. The contractions of the pupils and the movements of various substances in the body take place. This system works without our will and authority, for example, we are forced to breathe. Even if they hold their breath, they are forced to breathe again after a while. We also have no control over heart rate. Therefore, medical experts and psychologists are currently working on the premise that if we can influence the movements of the Parasympathetic System through various methods and exercises, we will be able to successfully defend against diseases And many diseases will be easily eradicated. On this basis, scientists have invented a method called “Bio Feed Back” which is being investigated.

Meditation can have the desired effect on the Parasympathetic System. Meditation brings about pleasant changes in this system. The state of meditation leads to deep peace and stillness. This condition does not usually affect us because the mind does not stay in one place for long. Meditation not only increases willpower but also brings many benefits both physically and psychologically. Experiments and observations have shown that meditation has the following physical and psychological benefits.
1.* Blood pressure control.

2.* Increase vitality۔ ۔۔ ۔۔ ..

3. * Increased vision

4.* Decreased blood fat.

5.* Increase creative powers.

6.* Reduces irritability.

7.* Improves heart function.

8.* Increased hearing.

9.* Immunity against diseases.

10.* Eliminate depression and emotional turmoil.

11.* Reduces stress in anxiety and difficulties.

12.* Increase in red blood cells.

13.* Accelerated memory.

14.* Better judgment.

15.* Get rid of insomnia and deep sleep.

16.* Courage and bravery are created against fear and dread.

17.* Gets rid of feelings of insecurity and fears of the future.

18.* Meditating men and meditating women do not whisper.

19.* Jealousy ends.

20.* After success in meditation, man becomes free from sorcery, ghosts, demons and negative thoughts.

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