Five ways to make your Children Successful.

  • Five Ways to Make Children Successful *
    In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

All parents want their child to be educated in a standard school and college so that they do not face any difficulty in getting admission in a good university later on when they start their professional education.

Therefore, they believe that high quality and high fee educational institutions are essential for the best education.

Parents with more financial resources insist on enrolling their children in educational institutions whose fees are high, regardless of their children’s talents and abilities, even if only books are sold in the name of education. The only responsibility is to cover the syllabus and not give the children a chance to learn and understand.Similarly, it has become a common practice in our country that in case of not having merit in engineering and medical colleges or not passing the entrance test, parents pay huge bribes instead of enrolling their children in another institution according to their abilities or tendency Admission is done and this process is continued for later passing or for good GPA.

In doing so, parents completely forget that the real purpose of education is not only to get a degree and a good job in the future, but also to make the child aware and make him an active and responsible part of society. Yes, apart from the shortcomings of our education system, it is the wrong thinking of the parents that is causing only degree holders to leave our educational institutions.They do not have the passion to do anything for the betterment of the society and the country and the nation and the new generation is becoming deprived of feelings and emotions and the spirit of helping others.

While we desperately need to restructure our education system to improve the current situation, it is also important for parents to understand that higher education institutions, hefty fees and coaching centers are needed to make their children successful and good people. Instead of relying on them, start their good training and improvement through practical steps themselves. The following points can guide parents towards this goal.

  • 1. Burning the hidden abilities of children: *
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . Most of our parents dream of making their children doctors, engineers or accountants,Because they think that through these professions they will earn good money and be free from financial problems, but on the contrary their children are interested in fields like arts, astronomy, graphics or computer etc., so it is important that young age Encourage or allow parents to engage or engage their children in activities that reveal their hidden abilities, and in the future, when choosing a profession, parents are fully prepared that their child will be interested in a particular subject from the beginning. Or the trend towards the sector, it has been observed that children generally perform best in the subjects of their choice, after which the parents will never need good tactics like bribery etc. in their professional admissions.
  • 2.Give children freedom:
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Parents in general and mothers in particular are worried about what kind of company the child will go out with. Nowadays, due to the poor law and order situation and increasing crime, most parents send their children out. Because of this, children spend most of their time on-screen, which is not only detrimental to them but also has a detrimental effect on their self-esteem. Take them out at times and encourage them in outdoor sports, if they get low marks in studies, find the real reason instead of scolding them, if they fail, it is a sign that less At least they did try,Remember, it is failure that teaches a person to fall and get up on his own and move on by self-improvement. From Einstein to Stephen Hawking, there has not been a single intelligent person who has not faced failure from the beginning. If the child is suffering from any kind of physical deficiency or mental and psychological problems, in addition to proper and timely treatment, encourage him / her to do things that he / she is usually reluctant or afraid to do to reduce his / her fears and self Confidence is restored.
  • 3. Cultivate flexible attitudes in children: *
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . This is what most parents complain about their children nowadays. The children do not listen to them and want to do as they please, saying that they ignore these factors completely because of which children tend to be stubborn and self-centered, children usually observe their parents or other family members in their attitudes. Parents need to be flexible in order to instill flexibility in their children. If they repeatedly fail to do something, give them a chance to find their fault instead of stopping them. Encourage parents to send their children to a coaching center or tuition after seeing poor progress in school, which instead of increasing their interest in learning, decreases it because their playing time also becomes a sight of coaching.Similarly, some parents pay their children to pass exams and think that their child does not have the ability to pass, while the problem is something else that is suppressed due to inattention and the children with the parents are also wrong. Get used to choosing routes.
  • 4. Create feelings and empathy: *
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . Today we are living in a digital age where social media has not only eroded the resilience of the younger generation but also affected our social and societal values ​​that were characteristic of an Islamic society, inevitably coming. The race will be two hands ahead of them as they have opened their eyes to a machine world where even their parents like to spend more time on social media than in real life.Therefore, in order to save the next generation, it is important for parents to limit their routines and give as much time as possible to their children, bringing them closer to nature in order to create a sense of empathy and compassion for humans and animals. And keep away from the internet, video games and social media, at the same time encourage children to play, jump and interact with their peers, understand their problem instead of pushing them home if they are fighting. Solve it. If children are not reprimanded for their mistakes, then gradually these behaviors become their nature and they become devoid of feelings or empathy for others. .
  • .* 5. Stimulate experiments:
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . Our education system is something that encourages children to memorize books instead of searching, exploring or creating passion, and parents also believe that passing the syllabus of a certain class every year is the only education. Encourage your children to learn through experiments while negating thinking, if they can’t understand a scientific subject, get them to experiment so that they can understand the law better, as well as in mathematics if the child If it is weak, then it can be explained by simple examples through daily examples and then gradually explained by complex principles, then children also start reading mathematics with interest, but for this it is necessary that instead of relying entirely on school or teachers, parents teach their children. Give it a proper time. . .Remember! Parents have to make a lot of sacrifices for the better training of their children and sometimes they have to correct their own bad habits, so start correcting your children with your own correction.

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