What does man see a few days before he dies?

Death is bound to come, but … what does man see a few days before he dies?
The Creator of the universe, Allah, the Lord of Glory, has determined the time and place of death for every living being, and death is such a thing that any person in the world, whether he is a disbeliever or a transgressor, even an atheist, believes in death. Even if one doubts death, he is considered a fool, because the great material powers and all the governments from east to west are helpless in the face of death.

Killing slaves, orphaning children, widowing women, destroying worldly appearances, beating hearts, weeping eyes, destroying settlements, dispersing parties, pleasures. Ending,It is a thing that turns hopes upside down, scorches the oppressors in the valleys of Hell, and brings the pious to the lofty heavens. Death does not pity the little ones, does not respect the elders, does not fear the worldly Chaudhrys, does not ask the kings for permission to attend their court, some signs appear before death which shows that in which Signs are being found that his death is near. Like 80% of people get sounds before they die. Which is of different kinds. And it seems to be periodic. And sometimes such dreams often come true (in which man sees himself as a child). . …According to experts, most people have these dreams, but they are not scary, they comfort the dead. Their meanings are clear. And the dying are already prepared for death. This is actually an act of death that we do not see. A study analyzed near-death people, in which it was revealed that most of them saw themselves in a dream, or saw themselves moving towards death, or saw a loved one dying.

After these dreams, his mental stress decreased and he became calm. . But remember, dreams are not enough for those who believe in the Hereafter.Therefore, before death, Allah Almighty should be pleased so that the journey to the Hereafter will be easy .

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