Symptoms,Causes and treatment of NEUROLOGICAL WEAKNESS.

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Neurological Weakness.
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Nervous weakness:
It is a disease that affects the human nervous system and its symptoms include inability of the human organs to function properly. Symptoms include tremors, inability to move the limbs completely and difficulty walking. Included. The patient may have difficulty sleeping as well as emotional problems. Experts on the disease say that exercise is as important as medicine for people with the disease, it is not necessary that the exercise is very severe, even light exercise can be a part of your daily life.

Nerves are a very important and essential part of our body. Economic considerations, Uncertainty and national conditions have made us all nervous. The nerves are a system connected to the brain that plays a key role in controlling all the functions of the whole body. The nerves are fibrous fibers that connect the brain to other systems of the human body. When the nerves become weak or fail to function, the human body suffers from many problems.

Effects of Nervous Weakness on Overall Health.
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . Nervous weakness causes weakness in the whole body, because not only the nervous system but all the systems of the human body perform the functions of the brain and directly or indirectly, they are all connected to the nervous system. Thus, when the functioning of the nervous system is impaired, the whole human body begins to be affected.

  • Physical weakness becomes noticeable and laziness begins to dominate.
  • The face becomes dull and depressed.
  • Pain all over the body and severe pain in the shoulders, back and legs.
  • Due to lack of appetite, nothing is eaten or drunk. As a result, a person becomes weak and starts wishing for premature death.
  • I don’t feel like doing any work. Sadness and boredom become prominent in nature.
  • Sometimes the patient goes home so much in frustration and despair that he even starts thinking about committing suicide. .* Anxiety and fear of the hands and feet cold and cold sweat also begins to come frequently.
  • In addition, many other factors such as brain weakness, anemia, diabetes, low blood pressure, anxiety and grief, sudden trauma, excessive use of drugs, can also cause nervous weakness.

First consider the cause of your illness and inform your doctor of the full details. Then follow your doctor’s instructions to balance your diet. Fruits, milk and certain amount of dried fruits in your daily diet must add

Home Remedies.

.As a home remedy, for instant relief, lightly massage magic oil on the muscles and do not let the nerves get wind for half an hour. There will be temporary relief from the pain. . . .

.Use the following medical techniques to get rid of neurological pain permanently:.
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…1.* Boil dates in 7 pieces of milk and eat dates at night while sleeping and drink milk.
2.* Soak 15 grams raisins, 10 almonds and 15 grams black gram at night and eat it in the morning and drink lukewarm milk. ا
3.* In the same way, make almond kernels, walnut kernels, pistachio kernels, walnut kernels and almond kernels.
4.* Salajit, Azraqi, Black Pepper, Ashna and Kishta Steel should be mixed with one gram and made into tablets equal to gram and one tablet should be taken in the morning and evening after eating.

Be aware that patients with high blood pressure and insomnia should use the above medical techniques with the advice of their doctor Otherwise more problems may arise. Medicines are easily available in the market to get rid of nervous weakness. 1.Laboob-e-Kabir,

2. Al-Musk Jawahar,

3.Khamaira Abrisham Khas,

4. Hub Jawahar,

5.Hub Amber Momiya etc are reliable medicines for strengthening the nerves. Diet is considered to be an essential element in getting rid of any disease. Avoid greasy, sour, heavy and unnecessary fats. We confidently say that your muscles will become stronger and your body and mind will become stronger.

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