Health benefits of CAROM SEEDS or AJWAIN.

Health Benefits of Ajwain (Carom Seeds or Ajmo) —

  1. Regulates Cholesterol Levels.
  2. Help Manage Blood Pressure.
  3. Aids in Digestion & Stomach Problems.
  4. Fight Inflammation.
  5. Helps to Treat Cough & Cold.
  6. May Prevent Kidney Stones.
  7. Helps In Curing Asthma & Boosts Respiratory System of Body .
  8. Helps In Diabetes Mellitus.
  9. Helps Getting Rid of Alcohol Addiction or Alcoholism .
  10. Cholera Disease
  11. Weight Loss.
  12. Helps In Reduction of Gas & Flatulence .
  13. Helps in Prevention of Acidity & Hyperacidity.
  14. Helps In Getting Relief from Ear And Tooth-Ache
  15. Helps in Rheumatoid Arthritis Problems
  16. Helps in Treating Excessive Bleeding and Irregular Periods .
  17. For Cleaning Wounds & Burns .
  18. Ajwain Water or Oma Water.
  19. It Acts As an Excellent Mosquito Repellent.
  20. Helps in Cleaning The Skin & Make It Pimple Free
  21. Fights Against Fungi & Harmful Bacteria.
  22. Also Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure .
  23. Helps in Reduction of Sexual Problems.
  24. Controls Migraine Problems & Headache.
  25. Acts As An Eye Cleanser.
  26. Helps In Urination Problems

27.Food Taste Enchancer .

  1. Helps in Restoring Your Oral Health & Dental Problems.
  2. Helps in Breastfeeding and Increases The Milk (also benifits cows which start giving milk).

30.Acts as an Effective Remedy for Piles or Hemorrhoids.

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