What does it mean when your Second Toe is longer than your Big Toe?.

What Does It Mean When Your Second Toe Is Longer Than Your Big Toe?.


Have you ever wondered why your second toe is bigger than your big toe? The reason for that is very surprising! Take a look at your second toe. You will see that it is longer than your big toe which is supposed to be the biggest among your toes but that isn’t the case here. The bigger toe, known as the hallux is usually the longest among all toes but for some people, it’s the second toe. It is said that the second toe means that the person is ill-tempered and should be kept in check because of their anger. Moreover, women who have a longer second toe are said to dominate their marriage life. The original origin however is said to have a very specific origin.

However, if you look at what the scientists say about having a longer second toe, having a second toe that is bigger than the first toe is perfectly normal. It is not any kind of disorder or harmful. The metatarsal (bone toe) is simply structured longer during the body formation and thus is the longest toe.

If your second finger is larger, then read this:

*Some experts believe that toes reflect human nature. Accordingly, the toes reflect some kind of personality.

  • If your foot thumb is bigger and wider than the other toes, it means that you are very intelligent and you see things around you with a different angle.
  • If your thumb is smaller than the other toes, then it means you are impressed with others very quickly and you are the person who lives in your world.
  • If your second finger is larger than all the other toes, it means that you possess the attitude of a leader, and you have a sense of order.
  • The second finger which is smaller than all others state that the person can’t be in harmony with his colleagues.
  • The third finger that is larger than other toes, those people are perfectionists who take their jobs very seriously and are bound to be great at anything they do.
  • On the contrary, those whose third fingers are small, those people work their whole lives to be good at something and are very hardworking.

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