Signs and symptoms of “BRAIN TUMORS”.

Beware of these Symptoms of BRAIN TUMORS:

Brain tumors are caused by the growth of substances or abnormal cells that accumulate in or near the brain. Any brain cell can take the form of a tumor or a tumor, so most of the disease depends on the type of tumor. Depending on the size, location and type.
If the tumor is in a part of the brain that controls human vision, one of the possible symptoms may be blurred vision. But because the tumor can be in any part of the brain, it is difficult to estimate. How many of these symptoms are due to brain tumors?

However, here are some symptoms that you should be aware of:
The first symptoms appear in the form of seizures. These seizures have nothing to do with the type of tumor. The tumor causes inflammation in the brain and causes the brain to destroy neurons. Thus abnormal movements begin in the body. Which lead to seizures.
There are many types of seizures that can affect the whole body or cause tremors in some parts.

Persistent headaches:
Headaches alone are not the first sign of a brain tumor, but if you have a persistent headache that does not go away in any way, you should be careful. The pain caused by a brain tumor is the time Remember that no specific type of headache indicates a tumor, but there is a need to pay attention to pain that does not go away despite all the treatments.

Blindness or deafness:
Brain tumors can also cause blurred vision or visual impairment in the eyes. Therefore, it is important to get an eye examination as soon as possible to detect an increase in these symptoms. However, if you feel your ears ringing or you feel that you are hearing impaired or that your deafness is increasing, this may be one of the possible symptoms of a brain tumor.

Memory loss or
mood swings:
Brain tumors cause pressure or inflammation on the frontal lobe of the brain (which is responsible for a person’s personality). This causes changes in mood and the patient It can also lead to depression, anger and emotional turmoil. His mind is confused or he doesn’t remember the time.

Feeling weak or lethargic:
Tumors that grow on the motor cortex cause weakness or sluggishness. The right side of the motor cortex controls the right side of the body and the left side controls the left side of the body. It is difficult to move, so these parts of the body are not able to function normally. Imbalance
A tumor in the cerebellum affects the body’s ability to move. The simplest example is walking on one side of the body. The function of the cerebellum is to maintain the body’s balance. If a tumor develops here, it will not be able to function properly.
Therefore, you should also take care of these changes in the body. If such symptoms appear again and again in the body, contact a good physician immediately.

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