Amazing benefits of “BERRIES”.

Amazing benefits of eating “BERRIES”.
Berries is a summer fruit that comes in for a short time due to its delicacy and soon disappears as the season passes, but the benefits are so great that the skin of the fruit has a crunchy pulp and everything is medicinal. There is a hidden treasure of benefits hidden in it – that’s why everyone should use it at least once in its season –

Purple Fruits
Berries are cold and dry in nature, so their use in summer is very useful for:—–

For diabetics, it is recommended to eat a small amount of all fruits – but the fruit of the berry has the distinction of not only being recommended by doctors to eat this fruit, but also other fruits with berries as usual.

2.To control BLOOD SUGAR.
Even if eaten in large quantities, it does not allow the amount of sugar in
the blood to increase-

3.Eliminates indigestion, and diarrhea, etc.,

4.Protects from the effects of HEAT.

As this fruit has a cold temper. Therefore, in extreme heat, when the risk of heat stroke or heatstroke is high, the use of berries in the body. Prevents this risk –

Berries also have the property that it is very helpful in losing weight. People who are not losing weight should take it every day. Eat a cup full of berries and lose weight with it –


Berries are very useful for mouth ulcers and sore throats. It also relieves gingivitis –

7.Protects against cancer .
It contains a chemical called polyphenols that kill such cells. Prevents cancer cells from forming and prevents the risk of cancer.

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