Cool effective vegetables, perfect for summer.

  • Cool effective vegetables, perfect for summer *

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

Fasting is a thousand blessings. ”Indeed, if a person is healthy and energetic, he can do everything easily, whether it is religious or worldly, but only if he is healthy and fit. It is important to eat a balanced diet and change your eating habits during this month.
So today we will tell you which vegetables have a cool effect.

1.* Potato *
Potatoes are cold and dry and are widely used in the month of Ramadan. Be it fritters or fries, it is definitely a part of the table in one way or another. But keep in mind that if you eat more than 250 grams of potatoes, it is harmful to gas in the stomach too much is produced.
One of the great virtues of potatoes is that people of all ages love to eat them, but keep in mind that whenever you cook potatoes, cook them with the peel, and peel them at meal time, because there are many benefits hidden in the peel. Are

The effect of cucumber is head dry and dry. It relieves heat of blood, inflammation of intestines, quenches thirst, removes stones and irritation of urine.

Cucumber is not useful for cold tempered people. Eat it with salt after eating. It removes the heat of Tawandar and softens the mood. Cucumber is very useful for the liver and also relieves constipation.

3.* Kadu Sharif *.
Pumpkin is a vegetable that has the coldest effect, so if you eat pumpkin for dinner after breaking the fast, it is extremely harmful to the stomach.It is also useful for the liver and brain.
In addition, pumpkin has many benefits such as heat fever, urinary tract diseases, blood pressure and blood heat is very good to use it.

4.* Tomato*.
The effect of tomato is also cold. It cleans the blood, digests food, is useful for liver diseases and stomach but its peel is hard so it is not suitable to use its peel.
Tomatoes are a source of health-care morning foods, strengthen germs, and relieve weakness.

5.* Black Tori. *.
The effect of Tori is also cold. Its use in summer is also unparalleled as it increases appetite and is easily digested. Great food for a fever patient.

Spinach is also cold in effect. It contains a lot of iron. Spinach skinIt is a digestible vegetable so patients can also use it.
Be careful not to use spinach for those who have heat in their stomach and liver. Use less for those who get angry quickly.

7.* Arvi *.
The effect of arvi is colder. It makes the body fat and strong, removes dry cough, but excessive use of arvi is harmful, gas is produced in the stomach.
It is one and a half times more useful than potato, so it is more useful to eat arvi than potato.

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