Amazing 😍 health benefits of “Tukh Malanga”.

Takhm_e_ Balanga۔
Takhm-e-Balanga, whose name has been distorted, is also known as Takh-e-Malanga by indigenous people like us. Of course, many people are aware of its usefulness and use. But it is of little importance to people, as the natural usefulness of a teaspoon is no less than that of a multivitamin pill. It contains five times more calcium than milk and seven times more vitamin C than oranges. ۔ It helps relieve joint pain, improves sleep, cleanses the intestines and improves the digestive system. It is also useful for controlling weight gain. An excellent drink can be prepared from balanga seeds to avoid gastrointestinal problems and keep weight under control. And use it for breakfast in the summer Can be done easily with or before
© Takhm Balanga at a glance
Balanga seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, fiber, calcium, antioxidants and protein. 26 grams of Balanga seeds contain about 4 grams of protein. should do.

  • Nutrition seeds.
    According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 26 grams of balanga seeds contain 120 calories, 5 grams of fat, 14 grams of carbohydrates, 14 grams of dietary finer, about 4 grams of protein and zero sugar.

Plant seeds have extremely beneficial effects on health. 1.They provide energy to the body and protect against many diseases, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

1۔ Relieves the pain of arthritis
🔹2. Helps to improve sleep
🔹3. Protects against various types of cancer.
🔹4۔ Moderates blood sugar levels.

  1. Plays an important role in cleansing the intestines.
    🔹 6-Strengthens the immune system.
  2. Helps to improve the digestive system
  • Seed balinga and fiber strength:
    According to the American Food Guidelines, men under the age of 50 should consume 30.8 grams of fiber per day and women under the age of 50 should consume 25.2 grams of dietary fiber daily. Should eat
    Just one ounce of balanga seeds contains 14 grams of fiber, which is more than half of the daily required amount of fiber.
  • Seed balanga reduces weight.
    Foods high in fiber keep the stomach full and are extremely helpful in weight loss.
  • Takhng Balanga for heart diseases
    Balanga seed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are very beneficial for the heart. It opens the blocked arteries of the heart. Reduces
  • Seeds for diabetes
    Takh Balanga digests food quickly and makes it a part of the body and slows down the absorption of phylloenolic acid and fiber glucose into the blood, which helps the insulin hormone to work less and helps prevent diseases like diabetes. Is.
  • Extremely useful for bones
    Seeds of Balanga Phosphorus Harmful to the bones, it absorbs and contains a large amount of calcium, which strengthens the bones. In addition, the presence of zinc in this seed is extremely beneficial for the health of the mouth and teeth.
  • For digestion
    Fiber cleanses the stomach. It stimulates the stomach and fuels it to digest a variety of foods and removes waste from the body and is extremely useful for the digestive system.
  • Damages of Balanga seeds
    The seeds of this plant should always be eaten soaked in water or added to any other food and if used without water or any other food it can cause many swallowing diseases as it Sucks up to 27 times its weight and gets trapped in the esophagus.

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