What happens when the Soul begins to separate from the body?.

What happens when the Soul begins to separate from the body?.


When the soul comes out, the mouth opens, the lips do not cling to each other at any cost. Occurs when in a few moments man sees “Satan” and the” Angels” in front of him in the world.On the one hand “Iblis Shatan”gives some advice in his ear and on the other hand his tongue wants to utter some words according to his deeds.
If a person is good, his mind instructs his tongue to bear witness.
If a person is a disbeliever, a polytheist or a worldly person, then his mind becomes confused and a strange awe follows the advice of the devil and tries very hard to utter a few words with his tongue.

It all happens so fast That the mind does not have a chance to think about the nonsense of the world and the body lies like a lifeless piece of flesh.
In which there is no room for movement
In the end, the soul of the brain is also drawn.
After this the journey of human life begins in which the soul begins to feel the sigh of relief from the depths of suffering to the palaces of comfort as promised to it.

Those who left the world will never return Only because his soul is waiting for the world, O “Barzakh,”, in which he will be given a place to rest.
The long life felt in this world will not last more than a few seconds for these souls, even if one dies millions of years ago today.
Of the believer. The soul is drawn like hair out of flour
The soul of the sinner is drawn to the cotton cloth lying on the thorny tree.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala grant us all the word at the time of death and capture the soul with ease and bestow blessings on the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

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