Very easy treatment of infectious diseases with Hot water.

Very easy treatment of infectious diseases with hot water on an empty stomach.
A large group of doctors in Japan have agreed that 100% of hot water treatment results are:
1.Severe headaches, 2.Migraines,
3.High blood pressure,
5.Joint pain .
6.Heart diseases,
7.Sudden onset of seizures,

  1. Treatment of epilepsy
    9.,Fat, Cholesterol,
    10.Severe cough, 11.Anxiety,
    12.Sore throat,
    14.Whooping Caugh,
    15.Blockage of veins,
    17.Urination and all related diseases.

How to use:
Treatment get up early every morning and drink about 4 glasses of 160cc.The water is hot but not so much that 👅 is close to burning hot.One precaution is not to eat or drink anything for 45 minutes after drinking water and then don’t drink water at all for two hours after every meal.Some people cannot drink 4 glasses in the beginning so they gradually increase it to 4 glasses.Water has been proven to cure various diseases in a certain period of time and they are as follows, :——-

1.SUGAR :30 days.
2.BP :30 days.
3.All gastrointestinal problems :10 days. 4.All types of cancers: 9 months,
5.Vein closure :6 months.

  1. Loss of appetite :10 days,
    7.Bladder and related diseases: 10 days,
    8.Nasal and throat diseases: 20 days, 9.Gynecological diseases :15 days, 10.Heart and this Related diseases :30 days,
    11.Severe migraine headache: 3 days, 12.Anemia: 30 days, 13.Fat & Cholesterol: 4 months,
    14.Epilepsy and paralysis with guarantee: 9 months .
    15.Continuous respiratory problems :4 months

Even in ancient medicine, hot water before breakfast has been said to have many benefits and it has been emphasized. Give it a try.

On the other hand

  • But cold water *
    Boo Ali Sena’s interpretation: Cold water, if it does not make you sick in your youth, it will make you very sick after youth, cold water connects 4 veins of the heart, the heart also closes the main vein causes heart attack Cold drinks cause heart attacks in adolescence. Cold water causes liver cancer. Fat sticks to it.

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