Do you want to get rid of “Stomach heat”.

Do you want to get rid of stomach heat?.


Everyone suffers from indigestion, gastritis or other problems and this is usually the result of gastric heat,which can be caused by eating more spicy foods,smoking or drinking alcohol, night sweats,etc Gastric or peptic is the result of a faster digestive system and needs to be controlled.
Otherwise,complex health problems can arise.There is no clear cause for this problem but somethings can definitely increase the risk,such as spicy foods, overeating,night sweats,taking more painkillers,a sedentary lifestyle and ulcers.The good news is that it can be treated with some foods at home, can reduce the heat in the stomach,but if the problem persists a doctor should be consulted.Here you will find out about foods that can help reduce stomach heat.Yogurt is a food that helps increase the amount of Healthy bacteria in the stomach,which helps in expelling heat from the stomach while also improving the digestive system and other functions.Cold milk lowering the stomach temperature while also helping to reduce the acidity in the stomach,it’s soothing properties relieve the discomfort caused by the heat of stomach.Drinking a glass of cold milk can be beneficial to get rid of this problem.Boiled rich stomach heat by the way most of the symptoms do not appear except discomfort.
White rice can also cool the stomach and increase the amount of water,eating plain rice with yogurt intensifies this effect.
Mint can also help relieve stomach heat due to its cooling effect.A cup of mint water or tea is also enough to reduce the level of excess acid in the stomach.Eat more watery foods like apples, peaches, watermelons and cucumbers while staying away from sour foods which can increase stomach acidity by Increasing acidity.Drinking more water can reduce the heat in the stomach immediately,water also helps to expel the toxic effects caused by excess heat while keeping the digestive system healthy.
Coconut water in the stomach helps to normalize the acidity level in the stomach which also cools the Gastric lining and reduces heat exhaustion.

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