Our best immunity system protects from COVID_19.How?

Our best immunity system helps us to save from CORONA VIRUS (COVID 19).

According to the Current situation of “CORONA VIRUS” in the World 🌏, how we Improve our Immunity System Strong.
What food helpful for our strong immune system.

The list of foods are as follows:_

1.Dates .
2.Citrus 🍊
3.Bell peppers
4.Broccoli 🥦
5.Garlic .🧄
6.Ginger .
7.Spinach .
11.Green tea 🍵
12.Papaya .
13.Kiwi 🥝 .
14.Poultry .
15.Sunflower 🌻 seeds.
16.Lemon 🍋
17.Banana 🍌
18.Strawberries 🍓
19.Coconut 🥥
20.Sweet Potatoes 🍠 .
21.Tomatoes 🍅 .
22.Pumpkin 🎃
24.Mint 25.Fig

28.Wash your Hands.

Published by Asim Hanif

Professor Asim Hanif Health tips. HEALTH Is WEALTH.

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