Are you accustomed to sitting too much?Change this habbit immediately,Why?Reason is that………

  • Are you accustomed to sitting too much? So change this habit immediately *
    We’ve all heard of the potential medical harms of sitting too much, but do you know how much sitting throughout the day can be harmful to you and how it can affect your health?
    In fact, sitting for more than three hours a day is harmful and if you spend a lot of time standing up, this habit can prolong your life.
    You may be surprised or even disturbed by the extent to which our sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to our health.

1.* Risk of heart attack *.
According to a study in the Journal of Medicine and Science, people who spend most of their day sitting have a higher risk of dying from a heart attack than those who are physically active.
I am 54% more, in fact, the habit of sitting is the biggest cause of serious heart disease.

2.* Stiffness and heaviness of the hips *.
According to a study, maintaining pressure on specific body parts increases their size by up to 50%, and from this perspective, the link between a sedentary lifestyle and obesity is clear, because sitting fat increases belly fat and hips. They cause heavy and various diseases.

3.* Increases the risk of diabetes *.
According to a study by the University of Missouri in the United States, people who spend most of the day sitting have a higher risk of diabetes, obesity and liver disease, even if they are accustomed to daily exercise. Like licking The contagious disease preys on them.

4.* Even a few minutes in front of the TV is harmful *.
A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that every hour spent in front of the TV reduced life expectancy by 22 minutes, and if you spent six hours a day in front of the television, it was a serious slow lifestyle. Reduces the period to five years.

5.* Related to cancer *.
According to a study, sitting increases the risk of breast and bowel cancer compared to physical activity, and there are millions of such cases in the world every year, but walking briskly for half an hour a day can lead to this problem. Can be saved to some extent.

6.* Increases the risk of death *.
Published in the American Journal of Epidemiology One study found that women who sat for six or more hours a day had a 40 percent increased risk of dying from any disease over the next 13 years, compared to 18 percent for men Is more.

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