4 common things that can damage “TEETH”.

  • 4 common things that can damage teeth *
    We all know that soda and sweets are bad for teeth but did you know that even things that seem harmless to teeth can damage your teeth? Here are four of them.

1.* Syrup *
Like sweets and other sweeteners, syrups contain sugar. In fact, some fruit juices contain more sugar than sweets and cold drinks.

Mark Lewenberg, a New York-based cosmetic dentist, says that drinking high-sugar syrup is like eating a mouthful of chocolate. These sugars swallow the bacteria in your mouth and make an acid that can cause cavities.

  • Solution: * Drink the juice with a straw and drink the juice Brush your teeth after 45 minutes. This will also clear the acid formed after drinking the juice.

2.* Chewing vitamin tablets *
These pills are also like candy and damage our teeth just like them. In fact, they stick to your teeth and produce cavities.

  • Solution: * Avoid chewing pills but use other types of pills. This procedure may not be so delicious, but you can avoid going to the dentist.

3.* Barbecue spices *
We often put spices on the meat to digest it, which makes it easier to digest, but even after going into the mouth, this spice can do the same thing as it does on the meat, if it gets the right time.

  • Solution: * Brush your teeth or eat immediately after enjoying the meal
    Apply a little petroleum jelly on the teeth before.

4.* Dried fruit *.
Some fresh fruits, such as apples, are good for your teeth, but not nuts. They stick to your teeth like candies and vitamin pills.

  • Solution: * Brush and floss your teeth immediately.

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