Miraculous benefits of “ALUM”.

Miraculous benefits of ALUM
Alum is usually used to cleanse the water or to rub against the face after shaving to prevent germs – but you probably have no idea how many magical properties alum has.
Alum can help you with many medical problems.You have
been hunting for a long time – the alum is easily available in the market and it is sold in powder form as well as in pieces.
1.Get rid of pimples.
Pimples on the face are like a nightmare for women – but with the help of alum can get rid of these problems – alum Grind and add to the
water and this paste
Apply on the affected area – Wash your face after 20 minutes and do this daily – It will give you amazing results – However, keep in mind that not every skin is the same, so if there is any irritation after applying the paste or If it is itchy, wash it off immediately and do not use this tip again.
2.Peeling skin.
Peeling skin is also a big problem with age and it gets worse with time – but this problem can also be solved with the help of alum – water alum powder Apply on face for 30 minutes – it will not only tighten your skin again but also make it glow.
You can also use rose water and egg with this.

  • Facial wrinkles also to get rid of alum wrinkles The best is to wet a small piece of alum and gently rub it on your face. This process is to be done for a while. Then wash your face with rose water and use moisturizer.

Get Rid Of Dandruff
Dandruff has become a major problem in our lives but alum can easily get rid of this problem too – add a pinch of alum and salt to your shampoo and now apply this shampoo. You will notice a huge change in your own hair.
3.Get Rid of Lice.
Lice are in the head of children or become a torment of adults – To get rid of lice, prepare an alum paste containing water and oil – Now apply this mixture well on the head. Leave it for a while – get rid
of lice soon.

  • 4.Cracked Heels.
    We often overlook our cracked heels, but alum also shows its magic in this regard – heat the alum in an empty bowl until it melts and becomes foamy. – Now cool this mixture – Now add coconut oil and apply it on the affected areas – Cracked heels will be cured with a few uses,
    If there is excessive sweating and odor in armpits, hands, feet, soak alum in water and wash it after a while, remove sweat and odor,
  • 5.Toothache.
    Fill the alum shell and put it on an iron griddle and put it on the stove. When the alum is like water, add 1 teaspoon of opium. When it is cooked and dried, cool it and grind it. Teeth and teeth Immediate effect for pain,
    All teeth ache, blood from the gums, pyura, bananas, alum berries and the ashes of the spinal cord are finely ground and the teeth are rubbed on the gums, by the grace of God Almighty, there will be relief,
    All kinds of hand patches are removed even from pregnant women, alum 10 tola, opium pure 1 tola, finely grind the two and put it between two scores of clay and dry it with a strong bandage and dry it. Fire the opals, remove when cold, white powder will be found,
    Give food in 1 gulgand etc. or with water,
  • 6.Treatment of all types of hemorrhoids.
    Useful for both hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids,
    10 towels of alum, a walk filled with radish water, put in an iron pan andStir and keep shaking. When the consistency is thick enough to make a pill, make tablets equal to wild berries. Break a pill and put it in butter and feed it. cook on the stove ۔

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