What are the causes of “Recurrent Urination”.

🔹 * What are the causes of recurrent urination
Urinary excretion from the body is very important because the kidneys filter the excess water and waste from the blood and move it to the bladder. On average, one person urinates four to six times daily and one in a room with four to five hours. If the urine starts to appear within an hour to two hours after each passing period, it is unusual and if this is happening then it may be the cause.

  • Drink more water *
    If you start drinking excessive amounts of water then your washroom cycle seems to be even higher, and if some are too dizzy, see how much water you are drinking, usually as a result of drinking more water. Of salt If the urine begins to appear as a clear color of urine, which may be a gradual health hazard, an easy and simple solution is to drink adequate amounts of water instead of excess.

🔹 * Over-consumption of tea, coffee or soft drinks *
Drinking excessive amounts of drinks such as coffee, tea or cold drinks etc. can cause urination all the time, as a result of these drinks increase the amount of salt and water in the body and the kidneys keep cleaning them. Urine comes

  • * Urinary tract inflammation
    The disease can affect the bladder and kidney, and can also cause bladder edema due to the infection, which may appear to occur in the urine for 24 hours while in the physiological system.
    Not so fluid, in such cases a doctor should be referred immediately. 🔹 * Diabetes Disease *
    When you become diabetic, your body does not do much to convert the diet into sugar, which in turn increases the amount of sugar in the blood, and the body begins to excrete it through the urine, ie, the hands. Turn has to be more. However, most people with the disease are not aware of this silent sign nor pay attention to it. Especially when going to the toilet once or 2 at night can be normal, but it is an urgent need to focus on increasing the number and the impact on your sleep.
  • Drink * little water.
    Yes, actually drink a lot of water if you drink too much space Even then it can be a problem because it affects the bladder and it keeps the brain feeling that urine is coming, but it does not. Increase the quantity.

Indication of kidney stones.
Kidney stones can affect any part of the urinary tract, and getting out of there can be quite painful, but the urine starts to get worse, which can also cause discomfort.

  • Use of certain drugs *.
    Different medications such as high blood pressure medications may cause this problem or may cause side effects of sedatives.
  • There may be a serious problem *
    Must consult a doctor at all times۔

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