Do you know the causes and symptoms of cerebral artery outbreaks?
Brain hemorrhage or brain hemorrhage is a disorder that has a high likelihood of death.
You may or may not know but there are 2 types of paralysis, blood supply to one of the cerebral tissues is stopped or reduced which is called ischemic stroke while the other type is brain hemorrhage which has cerebral artery. Explodes
There are several types of intracranial hemorrhage, which starts bleeding inside the head while the other cerebral hemorrhage, which starts bleeding inside or around the brain, or subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is the space between the brain and the brain covering the tissues. Is born
Brain hemorrhage is usually 13% of cases of stroke and requires immediate medical attention so that recovery is possible,While controlling for its risk factors can also help prevent it.

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    Brain hemorrhage is also called intracerebral hemorrhage and its symptoms vary from person to patient, but there are some things that always appear with stroke attack.
    The following are the possible symptoms:
  1. Full or partial senses
    to lose.
  2. Do not change
  3. What to do
  4. Sudden and severe headache
  5. Feeling of weakness or hearing in the face, leg or arm in a part of the body.
  6. Dizziness
  7. Lose weight
  8. Difficulty in swallowing or swallowing.
  9. Losing feeling of confusion or environment

✒ Reasons:

There are 2 possible causes of cerebral artery outbreaks, including the most common arterial outbreaks or aneurysm, namely, any part of the artery due to hypertension or blood vessel weakness.
Dilated, like a balloon, this portion of the bladder weakens the artery wall and forces it to explode.

The second reason is called AVM, during which the arteries and veins merge abnormally, it can be congenital, but not hereditary, and it is not yet clear why it increases the risk in some individuals.

Brain hemorrhage can be fatal because it causes brain artery to burst, which damages the brain and survival depends on how quickly the inflammation and bleeding within the skull is controlled, that is, some people. But the effects can be permanent while some can be completely cured.

How to reduce the risk of it?

There are certain risk factors for Brian Hemorrhage, such as hypertension. This is the main reason and by controlling it can reduce the risk of brain hemorrhage which is also required to avoid smoking.

Alcohol and drug use also increase this risk.

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