Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of “STOMACH GAS”.

  • Causes, Symptoms And Treatment of Stomach Gas.
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    Abdominal gas is actually caused by excess air filling in the body. Generally, eating out quickly, talking food or drinking carbonated drinks can cause gas. If these gases are not removed from the body, problems like abdominal pain and flatulence can occur.


  • Vitality and wrong eating choices
  • Chilli spices are a frequent use of sauce
  • Increasing the gas of bacteria in the body
  • Do not absorb gastric dairy products or sugar
  • Excessive bacteria in the intestine
  • Legend *
    Dizziness, blood pressure, mood swings, palpitations, nervousness, sore throat, sore throat, constipation or constipation, gum flushing,Blisters and tongue bursts in the mouth All these symptoms occur in the form of gastrointestinal disorders or gas. Treatment
    The use of different diets can prevent the disease

Cinnamon fruit, which is in the form of small pills useful for gas or bloating, should be chewed after eating.

The use of fennel for stomach problems, especially for gas and pain etc., is a tried prescription that is also useful for kidneys and liver.

Cardamom is also beneficial for keeping digestion right, it can be cooked in vegetables and rice or when tea and
Can also be used in coffee.

Coriander not only accelerates digestion with aroma and taste, but also relieves gas and hiccups.
A good remedy for stomach upset and gas is also lemon. After eating, use one tablespoon of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water.

Turmeric is also very useful for treating digestive and gastric problems. It can be used in vegetables or in rice.

A special drink that eliminates gastric acidity and heartburn

Almost every other person is suffering from gastric acidity and heartburn due to our eating habits. If you find a beverage that relieves chest irritation and gastric acidity then you will definitely want to drink it.
Let’s talk about a drink that you can get rid of by drinking it once a week.

Cucumber – one cup sliced
pineapple … one cup sliced
celery … one teaspoon
lemon juice … half lemon
coconut water – one

Blend all the ingredients in the cup well.
The beverage is ready.
Must use it again in a week.

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